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Wardrobe Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise

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The Harry Potter movies are lauded for their loyalty to the original books, their impressive visual effects, and their instantly recognizable music, but one major factor of production often goes unnoticed: the costumes. The Hogwarts uniform has been spoofed, replicated, and cosplayed into oblivion since the first film debuted in 2001, and it's one of the crucial elements that immerses viewers in J.K. Rowling's cinematic universe.

While costumer Jany Temime was unaware of the Harry Potter canon before she began working on the Prisoner of Azkaban film, she enjoyed collaborating alongside the actors who knew the material inside and out. While her name may not be as instantly recognizable as that of Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, the pieces produced by Temime and the rest of the costuming team were of inimitable importance to the beloved series.

  • Ron Weasley Purposefully Always Looked Like A Disaster

    Though Temime remarked that Rupert Grint was actually the most fashion-forward of Harry Potter's male cast, Grint knew his character was meant to look unkempt. He wore his clothing in a deliberately disheveled way throughout the film franchise, and he took joy in the process.

    At the premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Grint even arrived dressed in slacks and a Harry Potter T-shirt.

  • The Weasley Twins Were Styled To Complement One Another

    According to Temime, Fred and George Weasley were especially fun to dress, as both their actors enjoyed being part of the costuming process. Temime deliberately dressed them differently from one another, though their attire was usually complementary.

    If one twin was wearing stripes, the other would wear squares in the same color. They would often wear inversions of the same patterns in the same color schemes. This provided an element of visual comedy that suited the brothers’ goofy demeanor.

  • Hermione’s Yule Ball Gown Was Designed To Look ‘A Little Bit Magical’

    Temime claims Emma Watson possessed a natural inclination towards unusual formalwear. When planning Hermione's outfit for the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the designer wanted “something moving, something young, not a grown-up dress but a 16-year-old dress.”

    She settled on the now-famous pink-purple ombré chiffon dress because it had a “magical” quality, and it seemed like something Hermione would have chosen for herself. The elegance of her Yule Ball outfit was a major plot element for the main trio, as Harry and Ron realized that their friend was not only a girl, but a pretty one.

  • The Costume Aesthetic Changed Starting With 'The Prisoner Of Azkaban'

    Harry Potter fans can confirm that the overall aesthetic quality of the films shifted with Prisoner of Azkaban, and the costumes were no exception. The third film was Temime’s introduction to the Harry Potter franchise, and her first order of business was to overhaul the Hogwarts uniforms.

    First, she brought the house colors to the forefront of the design. In the previous movies, the crowd shots of the Hogwarts student body were a mass of identical black robes and sweaters. With Temime's changes, the collars and silk ties emphasized each character’s house. The robes were also made more luxurious and glamorous, and they featured hoods.