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The Most Brutal Medieval Monarchs

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It's no secret that the word "medieval" evokes negative images, but in the case of these Middle Ages monarchs, those connotations are well-deserved. From callous queens to cutthroat kings and savage saints, we're taking a look at the most brutal monarchs from medieval times who played by their own bloody rules

So what caused such monarchical madness? Some slaughtered thousands while trying to spread Christianity and expel beliefs they disliked; others nudged tensions between sects of Christianity along, resulting in a mob mentality that took the lives of tens of thousands. Other brutal monarchs, including a number of late medieval Italian royals, enjoyed torturing their enemies in new and creative ways, such as forcing furriers to eat hares whole or creating mummy museums by pickling their rivals. Some kings didn’t bother disguising their ambitions, and just added to their burgeoning empires by taking city after city and slaying opponents and new subjects wholesale.

Whatever their reasons for taking out their lovers, friends, and enemies, read through this list and vote up the most violent medieval monarchs.