All The Women In Hollywood Who Have Come Forward About Harvey Weinstein

In 2017, a story decades in the making finally broke. Film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting women for years. A number of the actresses Harvey Weinstein assaulted bravely spoke up, and Weinstein was fired from his own company. The list of accusors continues to grow as the past finally catches up with a man notorious for abusing his power.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal speaks to a larger problem in Hollywood: that of rampant misogyny and mistreatment. From sexist auditions to outright sexual abuse, women and other fringe groups are often the victims of those in charge. But with prominent stars including Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd adding their voices to the conversation, many are hopeful that this marks a step forward in the fight for safe workplaces in the entertainment industry and beyond.