Hashtags You Would Have Used in the '90s If They Had Existed

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Vote up the hashtags that probably would have trended in the '90s if Twitter was a thing.

If you’re of a certain age, hashtags are a way of life. You use them to connect with like-minded people on the Web, and to put a button on your jokes. But can you imagine a time when there was no such thing as the hashtag? It wasn’t that long ago that there was no way to immediately let everyone know that you were in on something with a quick tap of your fingers. You literally just had to say phrase to whomever was near you. That dark age was, of course, the '90s. Was there ever an era more deserving of hashtags? The cultural landscape was ripe with catchphrases for the picking, and it’s a shame that there were no '90s hashtags. That is, until now. That’s right bbs, this is the definitive list of hashtags you would have used in the '90s.

Think of how much better the world would be, if in the '90s you could have opened your giant phone and typed, “My bio teacher said I have to write a 5 page paper by 2morrow #AsIf.” It’s entirely possible that there would be no more war if we only could have been using hashtags back in the nineties.

Since you couldn’t do it then, we’re helping you do it now with this list of hashtags you would have used in the '90s - if they had existed. Vote up your favorite '90s hashtags, or, if you can think of other really funny, topical '90s hashtags you would have used back then, add them for everyone to enjoy.
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  • #Whatever
    381 votes


  • #AsIf
    370 votes


  • #HowYouDoin
    359 votes


  • #TalkToTheHand
    342 votes


  • #TGIF
    301 votes


  • #CantTouchThis
    318 votes