Hateable Characters From TV And Movies That Unexpectedly Made You Swoon

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There are fictional characters an audience unanimously hates. They could be awful people with sociopathic tendencies. They could be annoying as all get out. They could be boring drips that take up valuable screen time. But then something happens – something unexpected. One day, your feelings shift from loathing to lust. Did the actor have one hell of a glow up? Did the writing get better? Did a little thing called character development happen? Characters that unexpectedly made you swoon come out of nowhere and hit you hard.

Admit it: there are hateable characters you fell for. Who could resist Steve in Stranger Things 2? Andy might have ended Parks & Recreation as a beloved character, but he started out as a dirtbag ex mooching off his exasperated onetime girlfriend. And then there's Loki from the Thor movies. He's gone from bad to good and everywhere in between so many times that Thor: Ragnarok even makes a joke out of it.

Villains who became dreamboats get you all hot and bothered when you're least expecting it. Give in to the inconvenient swooning and vote up the fictional characters you wound up loving.