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Popular Characters From TV Shows Everyone Hates That You Secretly Love

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Certain TV characters are easy to hate. They're whiny; they make too much money; sometimes they're just truly horrible people who cheat on their girlfriends when they're not on break. Other characters are a little more nuanced, though. Even the worst television villains have redeemable qualities.

In fact, there are a quite a few hated characters that are secretly lovable. You may not tell people that you like that bizarre show member, but you definitely don't mind watching them.

  • Dwight Schrute From 'The Office'1

    Dwight may be a high-strung, egomaniacal, beet-farming assistant to the regional manager, but Jim bullies him all the time. Think about that.

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  • Schmidt From 'New Girl'2

    Schmidt is such a tool that his loft mates make him put money in a jar every time he does something annoying. Nobody can rock a cardigan like the Schmidt, though.

  • Ross From 'Friends'3

    Ross From 'Friends'

    David Schwimmer

    Ross gets a pretty bad rap; he is definitely one of the most hated characters on Friends. But for all his whininess, he still has some great qualities. Ross can be really passionate, and he is such a supportive friend.

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  • The Entire Cast Of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'4

    The Entire Cast Of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

    It's kind of hard to tell which of the terrifying sociopaths on It's Always Sunny is the most terrifying sociopath, but they're all equal parts lovable and detestable. Maybe with a slight lean to the detestable side. 

  • Scully And Hitchcock From 'Brooklyn 99'5

    Scully And Hitchcock From 'Brooklyn 99'

    Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker

    These guys are quite the pair because they're inseparable and equally disgusting (although, Hitchcock is arguably the bigger creep). That said, their loving relationship is just too adorable. How can anyone stay mad at them?

  • Mr. Frond From 'Bob's Burgers'6

    You do not want to get on Mr. Frond's bad side and have to sit down with his puppets, Distracts-His-Friendzo Lorenzo or Pierre Pressure. However, anyone could benefit from a chat with Fronds and Lynn-Secure.

  • Trish Walker From 'Jessica Jones'7

    Trish Walker From 'Jessica Jones'

    Rachael Taylor

    Trish Walker can be really headstrong and occasionally self-righteous. But it's obvious that she loves Jessica completely (if not obsessively).


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  • Bob Kelso From 'Scrubs'8

    Bob Kelso is often a heartless, disrespectful, adulterous monster concerned only with the bottom line. He is so hilarious, though. Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap about people's feelings? That guy.

  • Carlton Banks From 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'9

    Carlton gets a bad rap for being nerdy, but it's not his fault that Will is the definition of cool. In fact, Carlton has his own dance that's ridiculously infectious. How can anyone really hate him?

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  • Frank Barone From 'Everybody Loves Raymond'10

    Frank Barone is an emotionally distant husband and father, but he always has great one-liners, making family gatherings an interesting experience.

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  • Councilman Jamm From 'Parks And Recreation11

    Nobody wants to get Jammed. But it is pretty fun seeing other people on the receiving end of Councilman Jamm's snarky burns.

  • Arthur Spooner From 'King Of Queens'12

    Arthur is a caricature, and his quirks are innumerable. However, the older man's antics rarely hurt anyone. He seems pure at heart.

  • Newman From 'Seinfeld'13

    Seinfeld's Newman can be pretty conniving, but you almost have to love him out of pity. Plus, he looks pretty cuddly.

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  • Avery Bullock From 'American Dad!'14

    Avery Bullock is an insane monster. But the definitively classy Patrick Stewart gives the character his velvety voice. The contrast is exceptional. 

  • Vicky From 'The Good Place'15

    Vicky From 'The Good Place'

    Tiya Sircar

    Vicky thinks she's an evil mastermind, but she's the farthest thing from one. Indeed, her ignorance is rather endearing. 

  • Brendan Deslaurier From 'The Mindy Project'16

    Brendan Deslaurier From 'The Mindy Project'

    Brendan is the worst type of crunchy granola hippie there is; he's a mean, condescending one. But the amount of consternation he causes Mindy (who is also a monster in her own right) makes him sympathetic. 

  • Dennis Duffy From '30 Rock'17

    Dennis Duffy From '30 Rock'

    Dean Winters

    Dennis is the self-proclaimed Beeper King of New York, yet he has the audacity to call Liz Lemon a dummy. This character is such a hot mess, though, you can't help but want him to succeed.

  • Gertrude Moon From 'Frasier'18

    Gertrude Moon From 'Frasier'

    Millicent Martin

    Daphne's mom, Gertrude, can be a real piece of work. She is also quite the monster-in-law for poor Niles, but she certainly has spunk. Gertrude may be crotchety, but she's easy to love.

  • Max Blum From 'Happy Endings'19

    Max tends to be a ridiculous instigator. But he's the lead singer of Mandonna; he gets endless brownie points for that.