What Are The Most Hated And Overused Movie Tropes?  

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A man looking for love finds his perfect match on a blind date while a woman who put her career first realizes that she is missing out on life. Meanwhile, the pregnant woman down the street had her water break in public while a nearby man was shot in the shoulder, meaning he can continue with his day. These are just a few of the movie tropes that have bored audiences for decades. What other tired cliches should be retired?

Here are a small sample of overused, timeworn TV cliches that should be avoided at all costs. Please vote up the most trite tropes. 

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    Unattractive Person Becomes Attractive With Simple Makeover

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    Romanticizing Stalking Or Other Red Flag Behavior

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    No Service On Cells Phones In Tense Situations

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    Hacking Into Banks, Schools, And Databases Is So Simple A Child Can Do It

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    Getting Shot Is A Minor Injury

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    A Woman Hitting A Man Is Played For Comedy