25 Hot Takes About Universally Loved Shows That These TV Fans Just Can't Stand

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Not everyone is going to feel the same way about a television show, but these people go above and beyond to share their opinions about series that were seemingly univerally adored. Make sure to vote on whether their hot takes were sizzling or just burnt to a crisp. 

  • 1. Sex And The City

    Posted on Reddit by u/happycos:

    Sex and The City. I really tried getting into it when it was super popular but it felt vapid and extremely materialistic? I don't get how it was considered such a progressive show? Every character seemed like a one note trope, the materialism was extremely unrelatable (even back then, spending 500+ on shoes seemed... Incredibly unrealistic?!) and Felicity did the confessional thing better imo

    Also, the fact that they keep making more things about it and baking on people's nostalgia (movies! The new reboot series!) feels weird.

    Aside from my many issues with that show, one of the things that bothered me was how Carrie was a 36 year old grown woman but her mannerisms always screamed 22. I can’t put my finger on it specifically but think of how she was always kind of twirling around, giggling, and biting her lip.

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  • 2. Any Reality Show

    Posted on Reddit by u/moonflower311:

    Insert any popular reality show here. Floor is lava, masked singer, bachelor, American ninja warrior etc. I keep trying when a show is a cultural touchstone but by the second or third episode it always feels like watching the same exact show with the same exact formula over and over. Also I get impatient and just want to see the results e.g. in Great British Baking show I want to see the challenge and the completed cakes without waiting for them to talk mess up and make the cakes.

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  • 3. Grey's Anatomy

    Posted on Reddit by u/fairygirlxoxo:

    greys anatomy. i'm not watching 50 seasons of doctors f*cking eachother and dying

    1. Cheat

    2. Shooting at the hospital.

    3. Cheat because of trauma from shooting at the hospital.

    4. Another shooting at the hospital.

    5. Divorce.

    6. Repeat.

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  • 4. The Handmaid's Tale

    Posted on Reddit by u/Comfortable-Tank-822:

    Handmaids tale. I’m done with people j*rking *ff to misery and torture.

    I’m a big believer that “book to tv show” adaptations need to acknowledge that the show should end when the source material runs out. Making up plots for characters when you’re 1) not the original author and 2) not a novelist/writing for TV “drama” just never works out. TV writers so infrequently actually understand the characters or the world that oftentimes the actors have a more well-rounded idea of what their character would do or how the world works than the showrunners themselves.

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  • 5. Shameless

    Posted on Reddit by u/scorpiogre:

    Shameless. At first it was ok, but then it just became too much self destructive bullsh*t.

    Once Debbie started becoming the main character was when I dropped off. I hated her whole "I want a baby" plotline. I skipped her segments at first, but dropped the show once I realized that I wouldn't be able to keep doing that and still know what's happening in the show. It's a real shame (heh) because the first few seasons are some of my favorite TV


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  • 6. Riverdale

    Posted on Reddit by u/wiliammm19999:

    Anything that involves American teenagers. American 30 year old, teenagers. I just can’t handle it. Everything is so over dramatic and cringy.

    Riverdale, scream, 13 reasons why, euthopia etc

    Edit: just to be clear, I’m talking about the series called scream. It’s practically an adaption of the movies. I enjoyed the first couple movies. The series is terrible.

    Edit 2: the best and most relatable teenage show has got to be The Inbetweeners. British version. Perfectly captures the UK school experience. The humour is spot on for how most British teenagers are and how they behave. Very absurd humour. The American version is literally the worst thing I’ve ever set my eyes upon.

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