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Allegedly Haunted Amusement Parks And Attractions Anyone Can Visit Today

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A good day at an amusement park is incomplete without a few moments of delighted frights, whether it's the final plummet on a new roller coaster or your hot dog threatening to return after riding the Scrambler. But at these haunted amusement parks, you might be in for a more supernatural thrill. From giggling aviator apparitions to phantom children who can be heard playing in drained swimming pools, these creepy rides might make you rethink your day at the park.

Whether it's supposedly haunted attractions like Walt Disney's private studio on Disneyland's Main Street or the park where a group of teens perished in a haunted house fire, these amusement parks are full of spine-tingling, stomach-churning, ghostly stories.

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    Visitors to Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, NJ, have reported seeing teenagers standing and sitting throughout the park - only to realize these guests aren't real. Some ghosts appear to be wearing clothing from the 1980s or '90s.

    This claim is particularly eerie because, in 1984, eight teenagers became trapped and ultimately perished in the park's Haunted Castle attraction. A volunteer firefighter recalled being unable to tell human bones from the skeleton props. Following the tragedy, state legislation began holding amusement parks to higher safety standards: Fire safety requirements were upped and better emergency exit protocols were implemented for rides meant to disorient visitors.

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  • Crown Colony Restaurant has long frightened the staff of Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL. Many claim to have experienced paranormal activity, including window reflections of a man playing piano, feelings of being watched, and visions of a prowling woman in a white nightgown. They also cite unexplained cold spots, moving shadows, flickering lights, scents of nonexistent cigar smoke, and visions of a young child named Wendy.

    A veteran employee of the restaurant insisted the fourth floor had a presence: "Almost any time you're up there by yourself and go up to press the elevator button, you get this unexplained cold chill and the hair on the back of your neck stands up."

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  • In 1915, Carl Laemmle opened Universal City ranch to the public, providing visitors with the first inside look at the film industry. During the opening weekend festivities, however, the magic of cinema became a bit too real. During an aviation stunt meant to impress the thousands of guests, pilot Frank Stites plummeted to his demise for reasons still unknown.

    Horrified, Universal City canceled the rest of the weekend's events, but modern visitors and staff continue to see a man walking around the backlot dressed as a pilot. John Murdy, the creative director of Halloween Horror Nights, has even heard someone giggling there. He created a dummy of the pilot for the attraction in an attempt to pay homage to the fallen Frank Stites. Murdy said he hasn't heard any disembodied laughing since, only the very alive screams of delighted visitors.

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    The Late Wife Of A Carousel Horse Sculptor Sticks Close To His Creation At Cedar Point

    In 1917, Daniel C. Muller carved what became known as Muller's Military Horse. According to legend, his wife became obsessed with the horse. After she passed, visitors reported seeing her ghost riding the so-called Haunted Steed on the Cedar Point Carousel. The legend also states that Mrs. Muller's spirit prevents people from taking photos of her favorite horse to keep anyone else from falling in love with it. 

    While the original carousel horse is no longer riding, a replica of Muller's Military Horse can sometimes be found at the Merry-Go-Round Museum. Visitors have said they heard Mrs. Muller taking nightly strolls around the museum to admire the steed.

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