12 Creepy Stories About Haunted Beaches

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Beaches are home to surf, sand, and sunshine, but many are also the sites of spooky events, mysterious tales, and unexplained phenomena. Not quite the sea and not truly inland locations, beaches worldwide exist as a link between water and land - a middle ground in their own right. Perhaps this is why so many beaches are associated with paranormal activities, odd sounds and feelings, and a sense of unease - the beaches themselves provide the perfect settings for spirits and ghosts who just aren't sure where they belong. 

If you're up for an adventure, you may want to seek out one of these sandy locales. But keep in mind, they're definitely not for the faint of heart.


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    People Hear Screams At Changi Beach In Singapore

    Both Changi Beach and Changi Hospital in Singapore are said to be haunted. At the former, where 66 Chinese men were ended by Japanese soldiers during WWII, some visitors claim they've been slapped by an unseen force.

    Other oddities include hearing a woman crying and a sense of being watched. There have also been stories of headless individuals walking up and down the beach, but the most striking accounts include tales of human remains flying overhead amid screaming

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    A Pair Of Women Haunt Jenny Dixon Beach On Australia's Central Coast

    Jenny Dixon Beach, located in New South Wales, Australia, is said to be haunted by a hitchhiker who was beaten and left to perish in the 1970s. No one was ever brought to justice for the woman's untimely demise. 

    Visitors to the beach have reported seeing a woman walking along nearby Wilfred Barrett Drive, where the brutal event took place. Numerous individuals claim they have actually picked her up and chatted before the woman vanished.

    The woman in white isn't the only ghost at Jenny Dixon Beach, however. In 1973, four campers reported seeing a woman in a long dress reaching out to them. This may be the spirit of a woman who sailed aboard the Janet Dixon, a sunken coal schooner and the beach's namesake. The woman washed ashore; her son, who was also on board, did not. According to lore, she's been looking for him ever since. 

    Local law enforcement workers at nearby Wyong Ambulance Station have also reported hearing footsteps and unexplained sensations like being held down or touched on the face. 

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    The Mysterious Gray Man Appears On The Beach At Pawleys Island, SC, To Warn Of Impending Storms

    As a small town on the coast of South Carolina, Pawleys Island shares its name with a small barrier island nearby. In addition to the reported haunting of Litchfield Plantation, Pawleys Island is often visited by the Gray Man, a foreboding presence that often signals a major storm. 

    In 1954, the Gray Man was seen before Hurricane Hazel. 

    In terms of where the Gray Man comes from, local lore is that he was a sailor who fell victim to a large storm as he tried to return home to his family. In other tellings, the man is George Pawley himself, the namesake of the island and town.

    The man is always wearing all gray; sometimes he speaks, but most often he is silent. Just his presence, however, is enough. As recently as September 2018, local residents fled the island after seeing the Gray Man before Hurricane Florence made landfall. 

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    Blackbeard Wanders The Beaches Of Ocracoke Island, NC, Looking For His Head

    Captain Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, has been associated with the Outer Banks of North Carolina ever since his demise on Ocracoke Island in 1718. During a skirmish with British sailors, Blackbeard was badly beaten before having his head removed. His head was tied to the bow of a British ship while the rest of his remains were dumped in the water.

    According to legend, Blackbeard continues to visit the shores of Ocracoke Island in search of his head. At Teach's Hole, Blackbeard's favorite anchor spot, people have reported seeing weird lights beneath the water. During a storm, visitors allegedly heard Blackbeard crying out, "Where's my head?"

    Roy Parsons, former resident of Ocracoke, even said a large, bearded man once chased him before vanishing "like smoke." This happened at Springser's Point, another place where Blackbeard spent time just before his passing in 1718.