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Creepy Stories And Legends About Disneyland

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Walt Disney created a theme park like no other. It wasn't just a collection of amusements; it was a complete, self-contained world that looked and felt entirely different than anywhere else on Earth. But sometimes, such singularity can be spooky. There are plenty of creepy things about Disneyland, not the least of which are the numerous deaths that have occurred since the park opened in 1955.

From ghosts on the Monorail track to real bones inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, are these Disneyland urban legends, or is the happiest place on Earth actually a Muon Trap, stuffed to capacity with the ghosts of former guests and employees? Hold on tight and take a gander at these creepy Disneyland stories! 

  • People Keep Scattering Human Remains Around the Park

    Video: YouTube

    Occasionally, people sneakily scatter the ashes of loved ones at Disneyland, including at the Pirates of the Caribbean, where in 2007, a woman was seen pouring a powdery substance into the waters. The Haunted Mansion is another site where visitors have honored their loved ones by leaving ashes behind. 

    In October 2018, Disney staff from both parks confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that not only do people scatter their ashes at the park, but the practice is so popular that the maintenance staff has a code for it: "HEPA Cleanup," which refers to an air filter system that picks up ultrafine dust particles. 

    "The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny," one custodian told the publication.  

  • The Lady In White

    Disneyland wasn't always Disneyland. 

    A legend tells of a mysterious "Lady in White" in turn-of-the-century clothing who perished in the early 1900s on the land where Disneyland stands today. She allegedly walks Main Street, appearing in and near stores.

  • Dolly’s Dip

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    Dolly Young was in a bobsled on the Matterhorn ride in 1984. Young is said to have unbuckled herself to assist a child on the ride. As she stood up, she hit the cross track overhead just before a dip and was thrown onto the tracks, where she was then run over by the next bobsled. 

    Since her death, Disneyland employees have experienced a feeling of being watched around "Dolly’s Dip" as they walk the track after the park closes. 

  • A Rotating Stage Grinds to a Halt

    Photo: SteamFan / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Deborah Stone worked as a host at the America Sings attraction in 1974. Unfortunately, the 18-year-old employee was killed when she became trapped between the attraction's rotating stages.

    Following her death, cast members have said they hear Stone reminding them to “be careful.”