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Creepy Stories And Legends About Disneyland

Walt Disney created a theme park like no other. It wasn't just a collection of amusements; it was a complete, self-contained world that looked and felt entirely different than anywhere else on Earth. But sometimes, such singularity can be spooky. There are plenty of creepy things about Disneyland, not the least of which are the numerous deaths that have occurred since the park opened in 1955.

From ghosts on the Monorail track to real bones inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, are these Disneyland urban legends, or is the happiest place on Earth actually a Muon Trap, stuffed to capacity with the ghosts of former guests and employees? Hold on tight and take a gander at these creepy Disneyland stories! 

  • Walt Disney Haunts His Old Apartment

    The light is kept on in Walt Disney’s former apartment above the firehouse on Main Street for a reason. According to the legend, one night, an employee came in to dust and turned off the lights when she left. The light repeatedly turned on and off as she attempted to leave.

    Some versions of this story claim that she heard a voice say, “Don’t forget, I am still here.”

  • There's A Ghost Rider On Space Mountain

    Photo: David R. Tribble / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Single rider? No problem! The ghost of Game of Thrones raider Tormund Giantsbane - or at least someone who looks like him - is said to sometimes sit next to riders. The apparition is described as a large man with reddish hair.

    He’s supposedly the ghost of a deceased guest who died on the ride back in the '70s. He politely disappears before the end of the ride. 

  • There Are Real Bones in Pirates of the Caribbean

    Video: YouTube

    Disney's Imagineers used real human bones to construct the scallywag skeletons when the attraction first opened in 1967. The fake bones looked, well, fake, so Imagineers procured real ones from UCLA's medical school. Eventually, they were replaced with phony ones.

    However, many believe that one or more skulls in the ride are still real.

  • A Disneyland Ghost Was Caught on Camera

    Video: YouTube

    The video is a bit shaky, but a security camera apparently caught a ghost casually strolling through Disneyland.

    Many have dismissed it as monitor burn or a reflection, but many others believe it's a real ghost, possibly Javier Cruz. The cast member played Pluto and was killed in 2004 after falling in front of a parade float at Disneyland.