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The Most Haunted Locations In Florida That You Can Actually Visit

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There are an infinite amount of terrifying stories that come from Florida. A few of those creepy Florida stories include the infamous 2012 Miami cannibal incident where a man tried to eat another man's face. Then there's the onslaught of hurricanes, and let's not forget the giant alligators that keep appearing on Florida golf courses.

Florida certainly provides a fair share of nightmare fuel, and to make matters worse, some of the paranormally freaky things that happen in Florida are considered the real deal. 

From the Key West Cemetery to the Apollo 1 launch site, there have been a number of suspected supernatural sightings down in the Sunshine State. If you have the travel bug and the desire to see some possibly sunburned spirits, here are a few of Florida's haunted locales you can actually visit. 

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    East Martello Fort, Where Robert The Doll Sits

    East Martello Fort in Key West is home to Robert the Doll, on display in the fort's museum. Robert took the name of his owner, Robert Eugene Otto, who henceforth became known as Gene. Gene would blame his bad behavior on the doll, and the two were together until Gene's death in 1974. 

    Robert supposedly listens in on his visitors' conversations, and previous owners reported him moving around on his own. Other museum guests say their cameras malfunction around him. 

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    Gephyrophobia is the fear of crossing a bridge. Although a bridge does not have to be particularly terrifying for someone with gephyrophobia to fear it, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa, FL, certainly is. This particular bridge has a collection of horror stories attached to it that are enough to make anyone consider taking the long way around. 

    In 1980 a freighter accidentally struck part of the bridge, causing several cars and a Greyhound bus to tumble into the water. On top of the freak accident, 200 people have jumped from the tallest point of the bridge, resulting in their death. Some travelers say they hear whispers along the bridge; others see people walking on the edge. A few have even claimed to have given a young woman a ride over the bridge - only for her to disappear right from their passenger seat. 

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    The "Dead Zone" Of Interstate Four, Where Spirits Cause Blackouts

    Florida residents report Interstate Four is the home of pioneer ghosts who once roamed the land. Drivers often experience electronic blackouts and hear unusual voices over the radio.

    The highway was once home to a group of Swedish settlers who were wiped out by yellow fever before the end of the 1800s. The settlers were buried on the land, and when a local farmer took over he paid carful attention to the grave site, making sure to farm around the bodies rather than plow over them. By the 1950s, the farmer's widow sold the land to the state and I-4 was built right on top of the burial site.

    Some speculate the souls of those pioneers are to blame for accidents and eerie sounds. 

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  • The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL, was originally constructed in 1672 and has been used as a home base for soldiers and their families, a prison for Native American tribe members, and now a museum for tourists who come to visit the national park. 

    Over the course of the castle's 300 year history, it has been under Spanish, British, and American control with decades of battles in between. Some visitors claim to have seen the ghosts of fallen soldiers patrolling near the castle's walls. There have also been accounts that the souls of a woman and her two lovers, a Spanish colonel and a captain, wander the halls of the dungeon where their bodies were mysteriously discovered. 

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