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The Most Haunted Locations In Florida That You Can Actually Visit

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There are an infinite amount of terrifying stories that come from Florida. A few of those creepy Florida stories include the infamous 2012 Miami cannibal incident where a man tried to eat another man's face. Then there's the onslaught of hurricanes, and let's not forget the giant alligators that keep appearing on Florida golf courses.

Florida certainly provides a fair share of nightmare fuel, and to make matters worse, some of the paranormally freaky things that happen in Florida are considered the real deal. 

From the Key West Cemetery to the Apollo 1 launch site, there have been a number of suspected supernatural sightings down in the Sunshine State. If you have the travel bug and the desire to see some possibly sunburned spirits, here are a few of Florida's haunted locales you can actually visit. 

Photo: Arif Khan / Flickr / Public Domain

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    St. Augustine's Old Jail, Where Former Prisoners Linger

    Operating from 1891 to 1953, the Old Jail in St. Augustine has the type of sordid history that supposedly lends itself to residual paranormal activity. While it was in use, there were reportedly no bathing or sanitary facilities, creating an awful environment that alone would be enough to give any visitor nightmares. Prisoners were also allegedly subjected to starvation, beatings, and torture while they were incarcerated. 

    As a result, those who dare to visit report supernatural occurrences such as cold spots and mysterious smells. Some say they can hear the sound of heavy footsteps dragging along the concrete floor, while others hear whispers, wails, and laughter within the walls of empty cells. 

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    The Florida Theatre, Where The Late Projectionist Roams

    The Florida Theatre, Where The Late Projectionist Roams
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    Old-time theaters certainly have their charm, but in some cases, when the lights go out they reveal a darker side. Constructed in 1926 and opened in 1927, the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL, is the former site of an old police station, which many believe is the cause of its reported paranormal activity. 

    Some have claimed to see strange shadows in the theater's balcony, while others report mysterious shapes and figures appearing in the photos they've taken. According to rumors, the ghost of the theater's old projectionist still roams the halls late at night. 

    Paranormal experts attempted to disprove the hauntings of the Florida Theatre, and instead found further evidence that something supernatural resides within its walls. 

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    Key West Cemetery, Where Over 100,000 People Are Buried

    Key West Cemetery, Where Over 100,000 People Are Buried
    Photo: Averette / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    When over 100,000 people are buried in a cemetery, you can expect a few souls to stick around. Florida's Key West Cemetery is no stranger to the supernatural, including disembodied voices and unexplainable lights. Among the supernatural entities, a mysterious woman occasionally appears to scold visitors who sit on gravestones or in some way disrespect the interred.

    The cemetery also comes with an extra dose of mordid history. Although it was established in 1847, some of the graves date back to 1829 because a hurricane blew through the state and unearthed several bodies, forcing them to be moved to the Key West Cemetery. Other unique headstones might not date back before the place was established, but certainly call for attention with inscriptions like Pearl Roberts: "I told you I was sick." 

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  • The Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, Where A Ghostly Mobster Checks In 
    Photo: Jerzystrzelecki / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    Ask any supernatural hunter, and they'll tell you: old hotels are a veritable hotbed of paranormal activity. It could be because they're built on ancient burial grounds, or it could simply be the fact that countless people drift in and out of a hotel's walls, bringing mysterious energies with them. In any case, the Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, originally constructed in 1926, is another on the long list of haunted residencies. 

    Visitors claim to have seen the spirit of mobster Fatty Walsh, who was murdered over a gambling dispute several decades ago. Guests have also experienced objects moving on their own, as well as cryptic messages being scrawled onto the mirrors. Lights go on and off, and the elevators occasionally take guests to the wrong floors. 

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    East Martello Fort, Where Robert The Doll Sits

    East Martello Fort in Key West is home to Robert the Doll, on display in the fort's museum. Robert took the name of his owner, Robert Eugene Otto, who henceforth became known as Gene. Gene would blame his bad behavior on the doll, and the two were together until Gene's death in 1974. 

    Robert supposedly listens in on his visitors' conversations, and previous owners reported him moving around on his own. Other museum guests say their cameras malfunction around him. 

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    The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, Where A Dead Woman Mourns Her Daughter 

    St. Augustine's Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, built in the 1700s, is home to some of the creepiest occurrences in the city. Visitors report seeing children giggling in and around the grounds and candles moving on their own.

    It seems that whoever inhabited the grounds doesn't intend to leave anytime soon. According to the Orlando Weekly, a psychic visited the school and claimed that a grieving woman still roams the halls, mourning for the daughter she lost while she was alive.

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