A Trip Down New Jersey's Clinton Road, Home To Ghosts, Satanists, And Hellhounds

Some of the scariest New Jersey ghost stories revolve around Clinton Road, an infamous haunted highway where tourists and residents have reported some seriously spooky experiences. It's been called the scariest road in New Jersey for a reason. From ghostly animals to satanic chants, Clinton Road is not a destination for the faint of heart. 

The road boasts of a host of recurring legends, such as a disappearing car and the spirit of a drowned child. People have also reported chilling experiences when out exploring the road. Clinton Road ghost stories will leave you rethinking a visit to the Garden State any time soon. 

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

  • Hellhound Torments Clinton Road Drivers

    Could Clinton Road be a portal to Hell? Those who’ve seen the infamous Clinton Road hellhound believe as much. There have been reports of a giant black dog with glowing red eyes roaming around Clinton Road. The hound has been known to torment drivers, chasing and ramming the sides of cars before disappearing. Many believe the hellhound is an omen of death and those it visits will meet an untimely demise. 

  • A Drowned Boy Throws Quarters At Visitors

    One of the most well-known legends of Clinton Road is the story of the ghost boy on the bridge. Allegedly, a boy drowned in the water below one of the first bridges found on Clinton Road. Visitors report that if you toss a coin over the bridge, the boy will sometimes toss it back. Some have also claimed to have seen the ghostly apparition of the boy near the bridge.

  • Park Ranger Ghosts Visit Campers

    While camping near Terrace Pond near Clinton Road, a camper was allegedly approached by two park rangers. While the encounter did not seem extraordinary at the time, the camper later learned that the rangers had died in 1939. 

  • A Bloody Body Bag Mysteriously Vanishes

    One man claims he was once driving around a curve of Clinton Road when he saw a body bag. The bag was oozing with blood, so he drove away quickly before contacting the police. In an eerie twist, the police could not locate the body bag and did not find any blood or body near the scene. 

  • A Haunted Castle Stands In Ruin Next To Clinton Road, Causing Seizures And Bloody Visions

    Cross Castle was a historic building along the Clinton Road that burned to the ground in the early 20th century. It is said to be the site of satanic rituals and evil spirits. A group of friends once approached Cross Castle when it was still standing. They had a bonfire and were drinking, but their good times were disrupted when they began to hear mysterious chanting and the rattling of chains. One member of the group began to have what appeared to be a seizure. Panicked, her friends tried to help her, but the seizure only let up once the chanting subsided. 

    Another time before the castle fell, some teens were exploring the inside. Suddenly, one of the girls started feeling sick and started screaming. She ran out, her friends quickly following. When she finally calmed down, she recounted seeing visions of a bloody, slaughtered boy. 

  • White Figures Appear In The Surrounding Woods

    White Figures Appear In The Surrounding Woods
    Photo: Martin Reinbold / Wikimedia Commons

    A man said he was climbing walls of abandoned buildings with friends on Clinton Road. He claims that suddenly, they saw two white figures approaching them. The figures came towards the group, but then scattered back into the woods before getting too close. While it’s unclear what these figures were, many locals claim there are secret colonies of albinos hiding in the woods around Clinton Road.