Graveyard Shift 17 Haunted Hotels In The US You Can Actually Stay In  

Mariel Loveland
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When browsing Priceline or TripAdvisor looking for places to stay, people typically try to avoid anything that might get them killed or could unwittingly resign their bodies over to demonic possession. An exorcism isn't really most people's idea of a vacation, but the allure of haunted hotels in the United States is undeniable. If you've ever found yourself perusing the Internet late at night and reading ghost stories about real-life haunted places, you're not alone. Many of the American hotels that are known to harbor ghosts even throw their own ghost tours - it's quite the booming business!

People undoubtedly enjoy scaring themselves with ghost stories - why else would horror movies be so popular? But would you ever dare to get up close and personal with an actual ghost? Some haunted hotels in the USA have very real scary stories behind their apparitions - including tragic suicides, unsolved murders, and colonial war heroes. From the Stay on Main, which inspired a season of American Horror Story, to the Stanley Hotel, something literally out of a Stephen King novel, these hotels are some of the most haunted in America.

Here are 17 haunted American hotels you can check into - right now.

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Prospect Hill Bed And Breakfast Inn - Mountain City, TN

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If you're looking for a stay with some friendly ghosts, look no further than Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn, a former Civil War veteran's 1889 country mansion. Guests here are treated to a ghostly array of unexplained scents, including muffins, cookies, bourbon, and rose perfume - but things have been known to get a bit scary.

Some guests have reported seeing Civil War soldiers while others have heard a crying baby that isn't there. Doors open and close, and apparitions appear in windows. In the creepiest instance, a photo taken in front of the fireplace revealed flames when no flames were actually lit.

Price of the scare: $179/night

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The Bourbon Orleans Hotel - New Orleans, LA

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Even though the Bourbon Orleans Hotel has a heated saltwater pool and elegant rooms with balconies, it also has the kind of history that horror movies are made from. The ghosts that haunt this property are some of the creepiest - including orphan children, confederate soldiers, and catholic nuns.

The hotel was originally used as a ballroom for glamorous celebrity events, but was eventually acquired by Sisters of the Holy Family in the 1800s - from then on it was used as a school, orphanage, medical ward, and convent. During that time, a yellow fever epidemic killed a large number of the children at the orphanage, and many of them now haunt the hotel's hallways.

Price of the scare: $150/night

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Emily Morgan Hotel - San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio's 177-room, neo-Gothic beauty - the Emily Morgan Hotel - sits right across from the historic Alamo. If that's not a recipe for a haunting, then what is? Better yet, the property had previously been used as a morgue and psychiatric ward before you could ever book a room.

The hotel is rated as the third most haunted hotel in the world, and they fully embrace their reputation for paranormal activity. The on-site restaurant and bar hosts a Psychic Happy Hour - complete with palm readings - every Thursday and there's even free WiFi (sorry, but poltergeists cost extra).

Price of the scare: About $140/night

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Lord Baltimore Hotel - Baltimore, MD

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The ghosts at the Lord Baltimore Hotel are actually pretty aggressive - they've been known to reach out and touch people in elevators, and rooms are allegedly filled with an overwhelming, invisible presence. Guests have seen shadows and apparitions, including visions of a young girl in a long dress and black shoes who wanders around the 19th floor bouncing a red ball. This girl is rumored to have taken her own life and to be the reason why the elevators will sometimes move to the 19th floor when no buttons have been pressed. Why is it always creepy little girls? Why?

Price of the scare: $150/night

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