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17 Haunted Hotels In The US You Can Actually Stay In

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When browsing Priceline or TripAdvisor looking for places to stay, people typically try to avoid anything that might get them killed or could unwittingly resign their bodies over to demonic possession. An exorcism isn't really most people's idea of a vacation, but the allure of haunted hotels in the United States is undeniable. If you've ever found yourself perusing the Internet late at night and reading ghost stories about real-life haunted places, you're not alone. Many of the American hotels that are known to harbor ghosts even throw their own ghost tours - it's quite the booming business!

People undoubtedly enjoy scaring themselves with ghost stories - why else would horror movies be so popular? But would you ever dare to get up close and personal with an actual ghost? Some haunted hotels in the USA have very real scary stories behind their apparitions - including tragic suicides, unsolved murders, and colonial war heroes. From the Stay on Main, which inspired a season of American Horror Story, to the Stanley Hotel, something literally out of a Stephen King novel, these hotels are some of the most haunted in America.

Here are 17 haunted American hotels you can check into - right now.

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    Prospect Hill Bed And Breakfast Inn - Mountain City, TN

    Photo: Prospect Hill B&B / Facebook

    If you're looking for a stay with some friendly ghosts, look no further than Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn, a former Civil War veteran's 1889 country mansion. Guests here are treated to a ghostly array of unexplained scents, including muffins, cookies, bourbon, and rose perfume - but things have been known to get a bit scary.

    Some guests have reported seeing Civil War soldiers while others have heard a crying baby that isn't there. Doors open and close, and apparitions appear in windows. In the creepiest instance, a photo taken in front of the fireplace revealed flames when no flames were actually lit.

    Price of the scare: $179/night

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    The Marshall House - Savannah, GA

    An old-hospital-turned-hotel in one of the most haunted cities in America? We've got a full on ghost infestation on our hands. This property was once used as a Union Army hospital during both the Civil War and two yellow fever epidemics. That means it's obviously teeming with paranormal activity.

    Guests have seen ghosts, heard children's voices, and watched faucets turn themselves on and off. This spot is so famous for its ghosts that Southern Living named it one of the South's 11 Most Haunted Places. It's also frequently included in various Travel Channel specials about haunted getaways.

    Price of the scare: $126-$229/night

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    Captain Grant's Inn - Poquetanuck, CT

    Photo: Llewellyn Publications

    Captain Grant's Inn is chock full of two things - New England charm and colonial-era ghosts. Carol Matsumoto, who runs the bed and breakfast, knew the property was haunted before she even opened shop - she even reported hearing loud knocking, a true sign of a real haunting.

    The historic inn was originally built in 1754, and guests who stay in the "Adelaide" room have reported seeing a colonial woman and her two children standing at the foot of the bed. That's creepy enough to spook most people out of staying, but if you manage to brave the night, you'll be treated to a full country breakfast when you wake up.

    Price of the scare: $119/night

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    Gadsden Hotel - Douglas, AZ

    The Gadsden Hotel has had more ghostly encounters than they can even keep track of. Name something that typically happens in a haunting, and it's probably happened here. Guests have reported their hair being pulled, TVs randomly turning off, and even being pinned to their beds, unable to move. The hotel manager, Robin Brekhus, swears she's seen a ghost cowboy and encourages guests to write about their paranormal experiences in the binders kept at the front desk.

    Price of the scare: $60-$80/night

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