Creepy Haunted Hotels Around Washington, DC

Boasting a ghostly presence that gives hugs, the sound of an unseen woman wailing, and an elevator that won’t move past the eighth floor on the anniversary of a tragic event, these creepy haunted hotels in and around Washington, DC, are famous for more than just their amenities. Would you dare stay at any of these haunted hotels?

If you believe the ghost stories haunting the halls of these resorts, then you likely understand that sometimes spirits stick around - and some have a habit of messing with the living. Paranormal forces opening and closing doors, spirits tugging at a guest’s mattress, and even reported sightings of people who have passed are just a few of the narratives you'll hear surrounding the ghosts of DC.

Check out six of the creepiest hotels in Washington, DC, and its neighboring communities. Would you be brave enough to stay at the Hay-Adams or the Hotel Monaco? If you do decide to check in and then hear some unexplainable bumps in the night, don’t say you weren't warned.

  • An Invisible Spirit Tries To Climb Into Bed With Guests At The Old Towne Inn

    An Invisible Spirit Tries To Climb Into Bed With Guests At The Old Towne Inn
    Photo: @OldeTowneInnVA / Twitter

    The Old Towne Inn is located in Manassas, VA, which is about 40 minutes away from Washington, DC. Legend has it that a young woman named Miss Lucy, a spirit from the 19th century, haunts the inn, especially guests staying in rooms 50, 52, and 54.

    A couple staying at the inn reported a loud crash in the bathroom while they were sleeping, but when they went to check, nothing was there. They then claimed that while they were sleeping, they felt something pulling on the mattress. At first they thought that perhaps an animal had somehow found its way into the hotel. Again, however, they found nothing in their search. The couple went back to sleep and when the woman woke up, she said she saw her husband levitate in the air and then fall to the ground. 

    A construction worker and his father stayed at the inn one night and then reported their experience on Reddit. The son said that after he and his father went to sleep, he felt a kicking under the mattress. His father, sleeping on the other bed, got up and told his son that it felt like something was attempting to get into the bed with him. The Redditor described the ghostly experience:

    When we turned the light on and talked, everything stopped. But then we'd turn the light off and it started again. You could hear the carpet scrunch like someone was running across the room. Then, even crazier, I could feel something grabbing my ankles and slide up towards my knees. If I shook my legs it would stop but if I stayed still I could feel it start again. I did this many times within a few minutes, testing it out.

    Once again my father freaked out and jumped out of his bed saying if it'd happen one more time, he'd go sleep in the truck. I wasn't scared [and] since someone else was there, it was actually kind of funny. Even to this day he agrees something was going on in that hotel.

  • Lights Flicker At The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel

    This luxury boutique hotel in downtown Washington, DC, is known for its grand ballroom. In 1924, Calvin Coolidge won his campaign for the presidency. He planned to have his inaugural ball on January 20, 1925, at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel. Unfortunately, just before the event, the president's son fell ill and quickly passed as the result of an infection. Coolidge was too upset to attend the celebration and opted to skip the event in order to grieve. 

    Since the fateful evening of January 20, 1925, the hotel has experienced supernatural events that take place on the same date at around 10 pm. It's been reported that lights flicker and dim, but perhaps the most haunting detail is that even the elevator seems to honor Coolidge's loss. President Coolidge would have taken the elevator from the eighth floor at around 10:15 pm if he was able to attend his inauguration. The elevator now reportedly will not move from the eighth floor until 10:15 pm every year on January 20. 

  • An Invisible Presence Gives Hugs At Hay-Adams Hotel

    This popular boutique hotel in DC might be haunted by a ghost nicknamed Clover. The real name of the tragic guest was Marion Hooper Adams, who may or may not have ended her own life. Several hotel guests and employees have reported doors opening and closing at will. Sometimes, a woman's muffled cry can be heard. Perhaps the most spooky reports come from housekeepers who claim they have been hugged by a mysterious presence. Adams's haunting activity is at its peak during the first part of December, which is when she passed. 

    According to the story, Adams, a photographer, was living in the hotel and was reportedly deeply saddened by her father's demise. She allegedly took her own life by ingesting the chemicals used to develop photographs.

    There is another side to this tale, however, and it involves both infidelity and foul play. Apparently, her husband Henry was having an affair and Adams was ended as a result - though it remains unknown who committed the act and how they did it. Her husband trashed all her papers and photographs following her passing. 

  • Two Spirits Roam The Halls At The Omni Shoreham Hotel

    Two Spirits Roam The Halls At The Omni Shoreham Hotel
    Photo: @OmniHotels / Twitter

    The Omni Shoreham in Woodley Park is a luxury hotel known for its Art Deco halls and lavish rooms. It’s also equally known for its ghosts. After the hotel was built in the 1930s, one of its shareholders, Henry Doherty, moved into the eighth floor apartment along with his family and executive hotel housekeeper Juliette Brown.

    One day, Brown became sick and attempted to call a doctor; however, she quickly met her end and was later found with the phone off the hook. The coroner said that Brown perished of natural causes. Later, Doherty's daughter also passed in the apartment. The cause of her demise was not revealed, but there was speculation that she ingested too many controlled substances.

    The family left in the 1970s and their apartment remained empty. Guests of the hotel report hearing strange noises on the eighth floor, including the sounds of a piano playing, even though there is no piano in the apartment. Other guests claim to see a little girl and an older woman roaming the halls. Additionally, people have said the lights sometimes come on at 4 am, the reported time of Brown's final moments. Housekeepers also allege that their cleaning carts mysteriously move around. 

    The hotel’s Director of Security Ralphaello McKeython also claims to have seen the spirit: "You always think it is just a guest. You see the long dress going on to the elevator. You can actually catch the same elevator she gets on, and there's no one there. When people from all over the world are seeing and hearing the same things, there must be something to it."

  • A Female Stranger Haunts Gadsby's Tavern

    A Female Stranger Haunts Gadsby's Tavern
    Photo: SkiEngineer / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Gadsby's Tavern is located in Alexandria, VA, which is just outside of DC. The location no longer operates as a hotel, but was a popular place to stay overnight in the 1800s. The story goes that in 1816, a young man and woman checked into the hotel. The woman was ill and had to be carried into the room. The man called for a doctor but refused to give their names. As a result, the woman suffered for three weeks before finally perishing. 

    Speculation over the identity of the woman became the talk of the town. Could she be the daughter of the unpopular Aaron Burr? Perhaps the daughter of an English lord who wanted to marry a common man? Her headstone read, "To the Memory of a Female Stranger."

    After the burial, the man left town without paying for the hotel room or his late wife's medical bills. To this day, her identity remains a secret. Some believe that the spirit of the mysterious young lady lives on at the Gadsby. A server who worked at the hotel claims to have seen her, and guests say they have witnessed her presence in the room where the couple stayed, as well as in the Gadsby's ballroom. 

  • A Ghostly Woman Sobs At The Hotel Monaco

    The luxurious Hotel Monaco is a National Historic Landmark that features palatial marble, not to mention a few ghosts. According to photographer Jacqueline LaRocca (and several others), the hotel is haunted. LaRocca and her husband stayed in Room 327 one night. At around 4 am, LaRocca woke to the sound of a female crying from down the hallway. The next morning, she did a little digging and discovered that the hotel, which was originally a post office, was used as a hospital during the Civil War. 

    The legend behind the crying alleges that during the conflict, a woman came to claim her mail at the post office. Instead, she got the devastating news that her husband perished in action. She reportedly let out a loud cry, and it is that woman's wail that is sometimes heard from the hallways of the hotel.