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12 Creepy Stories About Haunted Islands

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Throughout human history, islands have been described as mysterious, and in some cases, haunted. Islands may be considered eerie by nature, as they are set apart from the mainland and are often isolated from the rest of civilization. Creepy island stories have spread through cultures around the world, many of which describe islands to be inhabited by evil spirits. Some cultures even regard some islands as places the living should never tread.

While many of these stories have been dismissed as myths, fear of the unknown persists. To this day, islands around the globe are still considered haunted. Whether the departed still walk the Earth or their spirits remain trapped on the mortal plane, many people still regard these islands as haunted and deserving of at least some trepidation.

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    Numerous Ghosts Wander Dunvegan Castle On The Isle Of Skye, Scotland

    The Isle of Skye in Scotland is often thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the British Isles thanks to a plethora of spirits. The island also serves as the site of Dunvegan Castle, where it is said that a small band of ghosts regularly plays melodies in a room with no musical instruments. Reports of bagpipe music coming from the empty south tower also add to this mystique.

    At least four distinct ghosts are believed to haunt the castle, including Hugh MacDonald, a man said to have starved in the castle's dungeon. Another is the housemaid, who accidentally dropped a child out of a window. That child was said to be the clan chief's son, and the maid's wails of anguish are still heard to this day.

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    Some Condemned Members Of Hitler's Party Are Said To Haunt Daksa Island, Croatia

    When the SS lost power in Croatia in 1944, the locals attempted to rid the island of Hitler's forces and sympathizers. From the 300 people taken in, 53 men were separated and rowed out to Daksa Island, where they were slain. Their bodies were left to rot in the sun, and locals were warned to avoid the island.

    For more than 50 years, the island remained mysterious. In 2009, however, someone stumbled upon a mass grave, and since that discovery, authorities have uncovered the remains of several adult men throughout the island.

    The victims' identities remain a mystery, but many were likely SS men brought and left there to perish. Few locals are willing to travel to the "Island of Ghosts" for any reason, and it is believed to be both extremely haunted and dangerous.

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  • Poveglia Island sits in Italy's South Lagoon between Venice and Lido and has been a part of local history since the fifth century. The island was first inhabited in 421 when invaders forced locals onto the isle. But as the space was small and easily defensible, the people remained there undisturbed until the bubonic plague came to the region in 1348.

    The island was then abandoned and became a dumping ground for anyone who showed the slightest symptoms of illness. Thousands of people perished on the island, and it remained uninhabited until the 19th century when a mental institution was constructed.

    Some claim that in the 1930s, the institution's residents were experimented upon by an infirm doctor who eventually flung himself from the bell tower. One of the island's ghostly apparitions is said to belong to this doctor, and nearby residents have claimed a bell will occasionally chime across the island.

    Italy put the island up for auction in 2014.

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    Deceased Prisoners Are Said To Haunt Alcatraz Island, California

    Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, CA, has long been thought haunted, and stories of the island's supernatural nature date back to the Native Americans. When a member of the tribe violated tribal law, they were often banished there to live with the evil spirits they believed inhabited the island.

    Today, people who visit the island - as well as those who worked or were incarcerated there when the prison was active - speak about ghostly screams, clanging metal doors, and apparitions, especially near the dungeon.

    Guards often spoke of an entity they called "The Thing," which was said to have glowing eyes. Alcatraz Island is rumored to be one of the most haunted tourist attractions in the US.

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