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How To Tell If Your Office Is Haunted

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No one enjoys late nights at the office, but when your workplace is home to creepy paranormal entities, clocking out ASAP can be more important than your paycheck. You're not paranoid when you ask yourself, "Is my workplace haunted?" You're trying to maximize your work and save your own skin. Haunted offices can become infested with specters in much the same way as haunted houses: through the desecration of sacred grounds, criminal activity, generally bad juju, and more. 

Real-life haunted houses exist all over the world, so why would ghosts exclude themselves from workplaces? In fact, plenty of people work in the most haunted buildings in North America - and many of them likely end up resenting their jobs. 

  • Cool Spots Turn Up All Over Your Building

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    Cold spots can signal the presence of a spectral being. According to one theory, ghosts and poltergeists exert energy to exist in the physical dimension. They get this energy by pulling ambient heat from their surroundings. This means a cold spot is essentially an area recently sapped of energy.

    So if you notice a couple of cold spots in your workplace, it might indicate someone's fighting hard to stay late at the office (and in this dimension).



  • Strange Odors Permeate The Office

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    Offices can harbor all sorts of weird smells, but an odor from beyond the grave is rarely confused with the scent of microwaved fish. Ghosts, poltergeists, and demons smell like sulfur, or like a smashed pile of rotten eggs. Some less obvious smells can also indicate a ghostly presence. For instance, does it ever stink like heavy perfume even though no one in the office is wearing any?

    Employees at the now-shuttered Lucky Nugget Casino in Deadwood, South Dakota, reported a "phantom" perfume scent moving through the building. In September 2008, Black Hills Paranormal Investigations discovered the building housed a brothel before its casino era, which may have explained the ghastly stench.

    The casino staff also heard strange noises and witnessed shadow people walking the hallways at all hours of the day and night. Should such occurrences happen in your place of work, call the Ghostbusters before you call HR.

  • You Feel Anxious And Observed All The Time

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    Gauging the energy of a room can be tough, but your gut typically warns you. If you always feel like you're being watched at work, chances are your office has negative energy, and that energy may be coming from ghosts.

    Employees at the Flint Group claim their Fargo office hosts the ghost of a girl in search of her mother. They called local psychic Jodie Harvala to help them figure out the source of their troubles. Harvala explained the creative energy at the office attracted the girl's spirit to the building. "Vibrations attract vibrations," she said. "Flint has that creative energy flowing through it. The energy attracts the spirits who are looking for that high vibration." Harvala added, "Creativity can also feel a little chaotic - so once in a while, it will pull in more chaos than it needs to."

  • A Large Number Of Suicides Have Occurred There

    Photo: Daniel Mennerich / Flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    This is a no-brainer for employees who fear their building is haunted. If someone killed themselves in the building, the chances of a haunting are higher. New York City's Empire State Building has supposedly been the site of more than 30 suicide attempts.

    In 1997, an elderly teacher opened fire on the observation deck before shooting himself in the head. A decade later, a man jumped to his death from the 69th floor. He hit the ground with so much force that police never received a call about a jumper, but rather one about body parts strewn across West 33rd Street.

    The ghost of McHale is said to haunt the observation deck. A man who worked at the building in 2015 recalled:

    One time on the 86th floor, you know there’s, like, a ramp where the double doors are. At a certain time everybody’s out of there, so the deck was clear, there were no guests up there. So, a couple [of] co-workers were standing there talking, and they see somebody pass by on top of the ramp. So they look at each other like, "Hi, hello!"