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Deeply Unsettling Haunted Playgrounds You Can Visit Right Now

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You've heard tales of haunted houses and amusement parks - but haunted playgrounds provide plenty of creepy stories as well. Playground ghost stories are made even eerier by the presence of ghostly children, who are rumored to drift through yards located at former insane asylums, abandoned schools, and even the middle of cemeteries.

Swings that move on their own. Children's laughter echoing when there are no kids present. Ghostly apparitions. All are rumored to plague these creepy playgrounds. These sites are still standing, but remember that trespassing in closed areas is not a wise decision. Besides the criminal charges you may face, these scary playground stories warn of the chilling fate that could await you at the bottom of that slide.

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    Phantom Bodies Hang From The Trees In Hummel Park

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    Hummel Park's playground in Omaha, NE, might be one of the most haunted places in the state. Many people were rumored to have been lynched there in the past, and the park served as a dumping ground for several murder victims. 

    Visitors have been frightened by phantom figures, floating lights, screams, and ghostly bodies hanging from trees. Several animals have reportedly been found sacrificed as well.

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    Handprints Appear At Devil's Playground

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    A Calgary schoolhouse supposedly burned to the ground decades ago, killing several children and inspiring the legend of the Devil's Playground. Visitors to the site claim to hear children playing and laughing. Animal bones are sometimes found placed in strange patterns, and handprints appear on car windows.

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    Matthew Whaley Lingers At His Namesake School

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    Matthew Whaley died in Williamsburg, VA, in 1696, when he was nine years old. According to his mother's wishes, a school was named after him. Little did she know it would supposedly become one of the most haunted schools in the country.

    Matthew's ghost has been seen by students and teachers in the building, on the school grounds, and on the playground. The ghosts of two young boys who were lynched on the school grounds in the 1960s are said to have appeared as well.

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    A Ghostly Child Continues To Swing In Argentina

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    Locals in Firmat, Argentina claim a certain playground swing is haunted. Apparently, it has been swinging by itself for five years - even when people try to stop it from moving. The swing is believed to be used by the ghost of a small child, who died nearby before the playground was built. 

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