Graveyard Shift

14 Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

Is there anything more fun than a haunted theater? You can’t think of anything can you? Maybe a chimpanzee on a skateboard, but that's a tie at best. Haunted theaters and theater ghost stories are some of the coolest things you can come across when you’re on a ghost hunting trip through the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Theater ghosts tend to be manifestations of people that once worked at the theater they’re now haunting; actors and stage hands alike have been known to float through theater, decades after the drew their last breath, and spook everybody out. Theater ghosts are the best. Even if you’re a skeptic you have to admit that there’s something ominous about being all alone in a theater when the lights go down.

If you were a theater kid in high school then you’ll be all too familiar with plenty of these urban legends of hanging stage hands, or ghostly theater guests who vanished mid performance. The spirits that haunt these eerie theaters either love being around show business or they can’t free themselves from this earthly plane, but either way they don’t seem to be angry about it. Never the less, there’s nothing more unsettling than walking through a pitch black theater and knowing that something is lurking in the shadows – even if it is just the ghost of a girl named Mary who only sits in seat C-5 and just sort of hangs out. Could you handle an evening in any of these haunted theaters? Or would you be calling for the Ghostbusters by the end of the first act?