15 Hawaii Tourist Traps And Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

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Hawaiians: Vote up the worst traps and scams tourists should avoid.

If you're considering a trip to paradise, the locals have you covered with an eye-opening list of Hawaii tourist scams. You will certainly be kept on your toes with these Hawaii tourist traps, but hopefully with this newly shed light, you'll learn how to avoid scams in Hawaii.

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    Luaus That Are More Theater Than Culture 

    From Redditor u/stealthytaco:

    If you enjoy buffet-style local food (laulau and kalua pork, poi, etc.), hula dancing, and cultural narration (mythology and history), you’d probably enjoy a luau. There’s a difference between good luaus and bad ones too. My experience at Polynesian Cultural Center was really mediocre. Lots of fire dancing and special effects, but it was a massive theater and the food was terrible. Old Lahaina Luau in Maui was much better. The food was good, hula dancing was more authentic to Hawaii, and the environment was much more relaxed because of the smaller size.

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    Getting Pickpocketed At The Beach

    From Redditor u/governmentguru:

    In Yokohama Bay you get lured in by picturesque beaches; when you get out, distracted for a picnic lunch, bam - all your stuff has been jacked. 

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    Cheap Beer, Expensive Food

    From Redditor u/pulchritudinouser:

    Ala Moana is totally THE tourist trap.

    The beer is cheap and the food [is ridiculously] expensive.

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    People 'Hand-Carving' Tiki Masks

    From Redditor u/mrxcoffee:

    Not a tourist trap per se, but seeing the guys "carve" the tiki masks and stuff down on Kalakaua or Kuhio looks like it could be. They've been putting the finishing touches on those masks for like 20 years now.

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    Instagram-able Beaches

    From a former Redditor:

    Hanauma Bay. They climb a hill, wait in line, pay, watch a video... then wait in line again just to swim at an okay beach because they saw it on Instagram.

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    Restaurant Chains That Are Only Expensive In Waikiki

    From Redditor u/BATHR00MG0BLIN:

    Those Israeli carts where people try to upsell products to rich tourists, those restaurants that have multiple locations and are somehow [twice] the cost in Waikiki but cheap outside of Waikiki.

    Just some observations of living in Waikiki, depending on what you classify as a tourist trap. That's why a lot of places in Waikiki offer "kamaaina discount," it's because we can call them out on their BS.

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