Hawkeye And Black Widow Comebacks That Prove They're Secretly The Funniest Avengers

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When people think of the funniest Avengers, chances are Hawkeye and Black Widow aren't necessarily at the top of the list. Between the sarcastic wit of Iron Man, the goofy humor of Thor, and the awkward charm of Spider-Man, it's easy to forget that the deadly spies have some of the best jokes in the entire franchise - and trust us, they do. Much like their abilities neither of them get enough credit. Seriously, they're both normal humans who can hold their own agaist heroes with actual superpowers. Not only do their covert tendencies help save the planet, they also deliver some truly epic punchlines. These are the best Hawkeye and Black Widow comebacks. 

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    Better Just To Stop Asking Questions

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    You Need My Help

    You Need My Help
    Photo: widow.witch / awwmemes
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    Normal Went Out The Door A Long Time Ago

    Normal Went Out The Door A Long Time Ago
    Photo: Aurora / Pinterest
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    Ah, Good Times

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    So, So Tempting

    So, So Tempting
    Photo: u/Akira-Yoshida / Reddit
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    Not The Warmest Welcome

    Not The Warmest Welcome
    Photo: Sophie Maximoff / Pinterest