Classic Stories That Prove Hawkeye Is The Most Underrated Avenger

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Ask anyone who their favorite Avenger is, and Hawkeye probably isn't the first name mentioned… or even the second or third. It's a rotten shame, though, since Clint Barton is a great Avenger, even if he doesn't always receive the spotlight he deserves in Marvel Comics. Not only is Hawkeye an excellent marksman and hand-to-hand fighter, but he also has great one-liners to rival the quippiest of superheroes, such as Spider-Man.

While Clint isn't front and center of the Marvel Universe, there are classic stories that have showcased all that he's about. So, the next time someone argues Hawkeye is a terrible or weak Avenger, pull out this list and tell them to put some respect to the name of Hawkeye.

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    In ‘Avengers’ Annual #16, He Straight Up Saved The Entire Marvel Universe

    Avengers Annual #16 is kind of like Marvel Comics' version of Mortal Kombat as the Grandmaster pits his peeps against Earth's heroes in a contest of champions. Surprisingly, only Captain America and Hawkeye survive until the end.

    Instead of continuing the fisticuffs, Hawkeye proposes a game to the Grandmaster that will decide the fate of the universe. He holds two arrows in his hands and asks him to guess which has an arrowhead. The Grandmaster chooses but gets it wrong. What's utterly hilarious is Captain America's shocked reaction when he realizes Hawkeye cheated and he wasn't about to leave fate to chance. At least he didn't challenge Grandmaster to a dance-off…

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  • In any workplace, there are teams. Then there are teams of teams, as people create their own factions and offshoots. The same holds true for comic book super-groups. The Avengers, for example, have had several spinoff teams, including the West Coast Avengers.

    The story behind the West Coast Avengers is simple: Vision believes the main group should be spreading their influence further, so Hawkeye gets the idea to start a new version of the team on the West Coast. As the founder and leader of this outfit, Clint Barton demonstrates a different leadership style to Tony Stark and Captain America, but he proves more than competent at keeping his peeps alive - well, for the most part.

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    He Took On The Collector Single-Handed In ‘Avengers’ #174 And Won

    The Collector is a strange fellow. While other people collect stamps, vinyl records, or art, he prefers to collect creatures and people. In 1978's Avengers #174, the Collector has successfully caught 13 past and present Avengers. Now, it's up to Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye to try and save their friends and put a stop to this weirdo.

    The Collector manages to incapacitate Thor, Iron Man, and Wasp, leaving Hawkeye as the last man standing. The odds are against him, and the pressure to save his friends is insurmountable, but he never gives up, utilizing his electric-charged arrow to make the Collector suck eggs instead of collecting people. Hooray for Hawkeye!

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    The Fallout Of ‘Civil War’ Caused Clint To Become The Fan-Favorite Ronin

    Clint Barton isn't the first person to use the Ronin mantle, but he may be the most popular person to adopt it. After Civil War and the presumed passing of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark convinces Clint to take up the shield and costume of Captain America, which he proves more than adept at. However, Clint soon realizes he isn't standing for what Cap did and decides to take a page out of Elsa's book and let it go.

    Clint reappears as Ronin and as a part of the New Avengers team. Not only is Clint's new costume cooler than Iceman at an ice cream convention, but he also demonstrates his lethal fighting abilities and magnificent sword use. Ronin is cool in the MCU, but he's even better in Marvel Comics.

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    Clint’s Sacrifice In ‘Avengers: Disassembled’ Showed How Much Of A Hero He Really Is

    In 2004's “Avengers Disassembled” storyline, Earth's Mightiest Heroes find themselves in a world of trouble. It appears as if their team is fracturing right in front of their eyes, though there's the belief there are nefarious forces at play.

    As all the members meet to discuss what's happening, the Kree lay siege to Manhattan. Unfortunately, Hawkeye's trick arrows are caught in the crossfire, and he knows they are about to blow. The Avenger isn't going down without a fight, though, so he sets his sights on a Kree soldier wearing a jetpack and flies towards the ship, setting off the explosion as his last stand. He sacrifices his life to protect the city of Manhattan and all his friends. What a hero!

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    The Entirety Of The Matt Fraction/David Aja Run Is Basically A Masterpiece

    As the direct inspiration for the Hawkeye television series, Matt Fraction and David Aja's 2015 Hawkeye run is like eye candy for comic book fans. Aja's art stands out from the pack of other superhero titles, with a clean, minimalist approach that hits the spot much like the character himself.

    Yet, it's the contents of the series that transcend and humanize the person behind the superhero. Fraction focuses on who Clint Barton is when he isn't fighting crime, such as how he saves a stray dog, spills coffee over himself, and becomes a mentor to Kate Bishop. Heck, there's even an issue from the dog's point of view, too. As Fraction told Comics Alliance: "He's the 'Just a Dude' of the Avengers; these are those stories. About what he does and who he is when he isn't punching the clock." 

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