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Mark Holmes
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Scumbag Steve is the newest advice meme going around these here interwebs. It's starring that guy we all knew in High School (or unfortunately know in "real life") who was the biggest inconsiderate, ignorant, egotistical, idiotic, mooching, freeloading, all-talk-no-walk, would-ruin-at-least-one-thing-at-parties tough guy who looked exactly like the dude in the picture on the Scumbag Steve meme. To vent our frustrations we, as the internet, have created this meme in honor/disgust of one of the worst people all of us have ever known and we've named him "Scumbag Steve" and he has created very many memes.

What is the best of the douchebag meme? Take a look at this list when you find out. 
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The Best of Scumbag Steve

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The Story of Scumbag Steve

Steve is a different kind of "Scumbag." He's the kind of scumbag we've all actually known in real life.

Originally, this meme came from an album cover by some rappers apparently named "Beantown Mafia" that have an album out called "Ma Gangsta." Here's a Blinged-Out Gif of the cover:

The "real" Scumbag Steve is actually a dude named Boston Blake who goes by (and no this is not a joke) "Weezy B."

Anyway, Weezy hates the meme so much, that he decided to show the internet exactly what is real and what isn't (and has for some reason gained a bunch of weight):

So anyway, one of his Facebook pictures got out of him peering in through a door and looking like he's about to ask for a favor, got a hold of it (and more importantly /r/Trees (Reddit's leading Marijuana section) and /r/AdviceAnimals got a hold of it) and just kinda went nuts with the picture -- because we've all known a douchebag exactly like this meme.

According to his Twitter as of Feb 2, 2011, though, he's actually warmed up to the whole thing:

But he's not without his worries...

So without further ado, here's the best of Scumbag Steve
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