The Nastiest Decapitations in Horror Movies

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Vote up the most gruesome and all around nastiest decapitation scenes in horror films from any era.

Decapitation is an age-old staple of the horror genre. It's is a quick, visceral, sensationalist way to kill a character that can both shock and satisfy and audience. The effectiveness of decapitations as a cinematic trick has touched all action-oriented genres in the 21st century, as filmmakers who started in horror and moved to the mainstream brought their severed heads with them (looking at you, Peter Jackson). And besides, who doesn't want to see a head get popped like a cork?

A list of horror characters who get decapitated could run for days. Here you will find some of the best, and nastiest, horror film decapitations. These are memorable scenes, mostly from quality movies, and will shock and awe you. They range from terrifying to ridiculous, and all flavors in between. Some will leave you questioning humanity, others will have you laughing uproariously. Pick your favorite and vote up the all-time nastiest horror movie decapitations.

WARNING: Spoilers and heinously NSFW videos ahead.