15 Anime Couples Who Have Healthy Relationships, Ranked

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Romantic relationships appear in just about every anime, but the same isn't true about healthy ones. Unhealthy or even toxic relationships are all too common in the world of anime. Sometimes the drama that these relationships produce is a lot of fun, but sometimes all you want is to see a happy, functional couple who love each other and treat each other well.

We're shining the spotlight on some of the least toxic anime couples out there. One great example is Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji from Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, two nerds who find love through shared interests. There's also Miku and Tatsu, a career woman and her ex-yakuza house husband. Which do you think are the healthiest anime couples?

Photo: My Love Story!! / Madhouse

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    Tatsu & Miku - 'The Way of the Househusband'

    Tatsu & Miku - 'The Way of the Househusband'
    Photo: The Way of the Househusband / J.C.Staff

    Miku and Tatsu have an unusual relationship, but that doesn't make it unhealthy. Tatsu used to be a high-ranking member of the yakuza. After he was injured and Miku helped him get medical treatment, the two fell in love. Instead of continuing on with the yakuza, Tatsu devoted himself to becoming a full-time house husband so that he could support Miku's work as a designer.

    Not only did Tatsu move on from a dangerous and destructive job, but he also seems to have found his calling. His mannerisms might confuse his neighbors, but he truly loves cooking delicious meals for his wife and keeping the house clean. She appreciates his hard work, and does a great job helping him figure out social situations he isn't used to.

    The inversion of traditional gender roles is pretty cool, too - it proves that they're both comfortable with who they are and don't need to prove anything to themselves or to each other. 

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    Izumi & Sig Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    Izumi & Sig Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
    Photo: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood / Bones

    Sig and Izumi Curtis are married couple goals. Their obvious affection for one another might be embarrassing for Edward, but that's because he's basically Izumi's adopted son. To everyone else, it's adorable.

    But their relationship is built on more than just hand holding and compliments - the two of them have weathered real hardship together. Their baby was born deceased - a devastating experience for any expecting parents. Izumi tried to bring the child back through alchemy, but failed and ended up destroying several of her organs in the process. Sig supported Izumi through her ensuing health issues, and they helped each other grieve the loss of their child. 

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    Takeo Gouda & Rinko Yamato - 'My Love Story!!'

    Takeo Gouda & Rinko Yamato - 'My Love Story!!'
    Photo: My Love Story!! / Madhouse

    Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato have one of the most adorably wholesome relationships in anime history. They love each other to bits and happily express their feelings at every opportunity. But there's more to the relationship than just fawning over each other.

    Takeo is protective over Yamato - they first meet when he stops someone from touching her inappropriately on the train. But because he believes she's pure and innocent and would never want to do anything intimate with him, he never makes any moves on her. Yamato ultimately has to express that she does want some level of intimacy with him. It's awkward for both of them, but the point is that they're communicating and respecting each other's boundaries.

    Another great thing about their relationship is that Yamato defends Takeo to her friends. Many of them have inaccurate, negative opinions about him because of his appearance, but Yamato stands up for him even when he isn't there to defend himself. 

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    Narumi Momose & Hirotaka Nifuji - 'Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku'

    Narumi Momose & Hirotaka Nifuji - 'Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku'
    Photo: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku / A-1 Pictures

    Love might be hard for otaku, but it's not so hard if you have someone else by your side who shares your interests and accepts you for who you are. Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji are both total nerds who have hobbies like gaming, watching anime, and cosplay. They have mutual interests that they indulge in together, but they also have separate interests that they support each other in, such as Narumi's penchant for BL. 

    Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it wouldn't have happened if Narumi hadn't decided to stop dating dudes she had to hide her interests from and go for a guy she could be real with. But sharing interests doesn't mean they never run into issues - for example, the fact that Hirotaka has liked Narumi for years and Narumi is only just starting to feel that way creates a kind of imbalance - which they address and work through. 

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    Shirayuki & Zen Wistaria - 'Snow White With the Red Hair'

    Shirayuki & Zen Wistaria - 'Snow White With the Red Hair'
    Photo: Snow White With The Red Hair / Bones

    The great thing about Shirayuki and Zen Wistaria's relationship is that they each see the other as a truly fantastic person. Shirayuki thinks Zen is doing an amazing job at being the second prince and is everything a leader should be. Meanwhile, Zen is wowed by Shirayuki's dedication to her pharmaceutical pursuits. Genuine respect and admiration is a great start to any relationship.

    There is a bump in the road when Zen kisses Shirayuki spontaneously without asking her. But he apologizes and promises he won't do it again without her permission. Shirayuki is embarrassed, but she doesn't exactly mind. Later, Shirayuki tells Zen she has feelings for him, too, and the two start dating. So while there's a bit of fumbling, the two clearly show that they value consent and communication. 

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  • Sawako Kuronuma & Shota Kazehaya - 'Kimi ni Todoke'
    Photo: Kimi Ni Todoke / Production I.G

    Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya are both extremely nice people who just want the best for themselves and their loved ones. While they might have a few personal flaws, none of those flaws lead them to be unkind or unloving. As their relationship develops, they are consistently sweet to each other. 

    The biggest problem in their relationship is probably miscommunication. But it's not that they're intentionally hiding things from each other - it's that Sawako is frequently too nervous to say what she means. As the two get more comfortable with one another, they get better at communicating. They also get better at helping each other decide on and work towards major life goals like careers and settling issues with family members. 

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