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The Healthiest Superfoods

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The healthiest superfoods are those foods that have exceptional nutritional benefits. See how they help with this list of medical blogs. These are foods that are packed with added power. Superfoods aren't just fruits and veggies, by the way -- some types of nuts, fish and grains are also worthy of the "super" title. Incorporating the best, healthiest foods into your daily diet might help to prevent certain diseases and, in some cases, help combat the natural aging process. What are the healthiest superfoods around? That's for you to decide, with your votes. Also, this list is by no means complete, so feel free to add any additional superfoods that you like!

One key with superfoods is variety. Sure, you love walnuts, but eating handfuls each day might not be the best option. One handful a day or a few times each week will do just fine. But when you combine superfoods, like say, wild salmon with broccoli and sweet potatoes for a meal? Pow! Add one glass of red wine with that "supermeal," and you're in even better shape. That's what this list is about: With so many superfood choices, you're almost sure to find a few that you like. While you are at it, why not get your hair healthy too with some sulfate-free shampoo or a list of sunscreen lotions. Once you do, start adding them into your diet. Some of the healthy super food choices listed are a little harder to find than others, but all offer potentially great disease-fighting benefits. Enjoy!