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Desserts Healthy Dessert Alternatives  

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List Rules Simply rank the favorite Dessert Alternative options. NOTE: I am not a Doctor; NOR am I a Certified Nutritionist; I have simply studied a lot on my own, and implemented MANY various 'trial and error' nutritional regimen's on my own, and thus have above average (much) hand's on experience with testing the effects of various health food implementations, and regular efforts to shun my own sugar cravings has helped my devise healthy tricks to trick, or satisfy my sugar, or big dessert cravings appetite.

This is a list of Healthy alternatives to dessert that will oftentimes satisfy sugar, or dessert cravings..

Ginger + Peppermint Tea

Caffeine Free tastes good unsweetened, or can be sweetened with honey, or stevia extract; or one can simply poor a little Grape, Orange, Cranberry, or Apple Juice in the tea as a sweetener, and / or for added flavor.

Roma Beverage Mix

Barley Drink which is caffeine free and tastes similar to coffee; it's ingredients are roasted barley, roasted malt barley, roasted chicory, and roasted rye.  A DRINK MIX...simply mix the Roma Beverage Powder in hot water, and can drink unsweetened if one likes....FOR ADDED TASTE...add  a little milk, and / or unsweetened creamer, and can drink unsweetened, OR can also add a dab of honey, or stevia extract, or a little bit of another sweetener; and this is a tasty way to help to halter, and satisfy heavier dessert cravings.

Yogurt Milk

Tasty Mix when unsweetened Yogurt is stirred in with lowfat Milk, and it adds a becoming texture to the drink.  Choose Yogurts with "live active cultures" and you get the good, and beneficial acidophilus bifidia that comes with yogurt, and encourages a healthy digestive process in the intestines...etc...This drink is beneficial to all who can drink Dairy. (some people are lactose intolerant, or may possibly have other autoimmune conditions that are intolerant to Dairy) FOR THOSE WHO LIKE DAIRY....MILK AND YOGURT are a good Carbohydrate source, a good whey protein source, and a good calcium source.

Simple Smoothie

Banana, Unsweetened Yogurt, and Lowfat Milk mixed = my "Simple Smoothie".  Simply  Stir unsweetened yogurt into lowfat milk as in number 3 above on the list, and chop some banana, and add to the "Yogurt Milk", and you ge my "Simple Smoothie" (no blender necessar, just a sppon to dip, and to stir, and a butter knife to chop the banana) ANOTHER OPTION: Simply add Grape Juice, or another juice to the "Yogurt Milk", and you have an even more "Simple Smoothie" than chopping the banana...however, I like eating the banana by spoon mixed with the "Yogurt Milk".