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Marvel Superhero Relationships That Are Way Healthier Than They Seem

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If you thought Batman was the poster child for ill-fated romance, think again! Marvel superhero relationships are practically drowning in a sea of tears by comparison. However, not all Marvel characters that are in a relationship have sabotaged their chances at true love with pointless drama (although many give it their best shot regardless).

For every torrid love affair such as Ant-Man and Wasp's abusive marriage or Cyclops and Jean Grey's inevitably doomed romance, there are plenty Marvel superheroes who are actually in healthy relationships. That is, as close to "healthy" as you can get in the world of romantically involved Marvel characters. They may not be perfect matches, but they've been making it work long enough to still be considered among the greats, no matter how on and off their entanglements have been.

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    Hulk And Red She-Hulk

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    The Hulk and Red She-Hulk (Bruce Banner and Betty Ross) are one of the longest established "destined" couples in Marvel alongside Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson. No matter how much gamma radiation, angry military fathers, and Hulk rage comes between them, you know it's only a matter of time before fate pulls them back together. 

    Even death can't keep them apart. When Betty is thought to have died in Incredible Hulk #466 from radiation poisoning after prolonged exposure to Bruce, their romance could have been forever marred by tragedy. Since Betty's resurrection as the formidable Red She-Hulk, their shared plight only made them more star-crossed.

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    Wolverine And Mystique

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    At around 120 years old, Wolverine has had more than enough time to get busy with numerous ladies (and at least one dude). His relationship with Storm, for instance, spans multiple timelines with only their age difference and her marriage to Black Panther keeping them apart. The relationship deserving the most reconsideration, however, is the one he shared with Mystique during House of M.

    Wolverine and Mystique, two of the oldest and deadliest X-Men characters, are more compatible than one might assume. Mystique's anti-aging abilities makes her one of Wolverine's few realistic prospects for a long-term partner, and his immunity to her powers thanks to his keen sense of smell suppresses her manipulative tendencies. Plus, Wolverine is already super-tight with her son, Nightcrawler. 

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    Gambit And Rogue

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    Is there a better "bad boy" type than Gambit (Remy LeBeau) in Marvel comics? Not if you ask Rogue, fellow X-Men member and recurring love interest. This pair has been dancing around each other for decades in an on-again, off-again courtship as unpredictable as Rogue's mood. Despite their difficulties, it's hard to picture either of them with anyone else in the long run.

    Raised by the notorious Thieves Guild, Gambit isn't always wholly heroic or honest. Then again, Rogue was first introduced as a minion for villain Mystique. While the idea of a non-physical relationship thanks to her uncontrollable abilities would put most men off, the Ragin' Cajun is always surprisingly respectful of her boundaries and compassionate in her despairing moments. 

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    Mister Fantastic And Invisible Woman

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    It's certainly not easy being married to the man who might be the brightest mind in the Marvel universe. Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) has had to put up with Mister Fantastic's (Reed Richards's) cold, logical decisions to create a "better" world on many occasions, including the creation of a murderous robo-Thor during Civil War after the God of Thunder's death. In turn, Reed has to deal with Sue being kidnaped every now and again by a jealous (and shirtless) Namor.

    Their long-suffering marriage survives because both make up for the other's shortcomings. Reed's incredible intellect combined with his familial devotion helped Sue birth their first child, Franklin, against the odds of her unstable condition. Meanwhile, Sue is often the only one able to make Reed see the ethical errors of his methods - even if it means temporarily leaving him.

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