The Best Salad Toppings (That Are Still Healthy)

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The recipe for a classic garden salad starts with a bed of leafy greens. From there, though, the edible possibilities are nearly endless. There are dozens of delicious and nutritious ways to top your salad, from garnishing greens with fresh produce to sprinkling on crunchy dried nuts. Many good things for a salad are the ingredients you find at your local farmers' market, while other healthy salad toppings might be rare spices and oils.

What items will you find on this list of healthy toppings for salads? For a satisfying crunch with a punch of protein, almonds are a great salad topping. Raw almonds are the most healthy – and be sure to avoid sugar-coated and dry-roasted varieties. Kidney beans are another good topping to add to a salad to keep it healthy and filling. If you have a sweet tooth, try adding fresh fruit like grapes and apples to a healthy salad. Other mouthwatering ingredients featured on this roundup of the top healthy salad toppings include avocados, chickpeas, and tofu.

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