Graveyard Shift This Man Got A Suicide Victim's Heart, Married The Donor's Wife, And Then Killed Himself  

Tucker DeSaulnier

It's almost a horror movie cliche: a kind-hearted person receives an organ transplant - say, a hand - from a psychotic criminal, then slowly but surely the formerly law-abiding citizen is possessed by the urge to kill.

There are no axe murders in this true story, but what happened to Sonny Graham is no less eerie and mystifying. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Graham had mere months to live when, in 1995, he received a heart, a heart that previously belonged to Terry Cottle,  who had just committed suicide by a gunshot to the head.

It wasn't long before Graham, who contacted the family to share his appreciation, was married to Cottle's widow Cheryl. Having "inherited" both Cottle's heart and his widow, Graham also reported his tastes in food, books, and many other seemingly trivial aspects of life had changed dramatically to match his late donor's.

Things don't get really striking until more than a decade after the successful heart transplant. That's when Graham's body was discovered in their garage. And, as this haunting video lays out, the circumstances of his death were horrifyingly familiar...