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The Most Heartbreaking Moments In 'The Big Bang Theory'

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When it comes to The Big Bang Theory sad moments, they aren't necessarily in abundance as the series places comedy as the main selling point. This makes the moments that are indeed sad stand out in terms of impact, with the show being successful in pulling off sequences that can tug on fans' heartstrings.

There are certain times when the series got surprisingly emotional, to the point where the characters had their hearts broken. It's worth noting the sad aspects of the series as much as the funny ones, and here are the times when The Big Bang Theory hit fans right in the feels.

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    Howard Realizes He'll Never Speak To His Mother Again

    Howard Realizes He'll Never Speak To His Mother Again
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    In Season 8, episode 18, "The Leftover Thermalization," Howard is distraught when it hits him that the food his mother had stored in the freezer was the last meal she'd cooked before she passed.

    He invites all his friends for dinner as a tribute to his mother, but in a moment of weakness, Howard tears up and admits to Bernadette that he's still stricken with grief over his mother's passing, as he knows that he'll never talk to her again.

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    Sheldon Genuinely Requests Penny To Spare Leonard's Feelings

    Sheldon Genuinely Requests Penny To Spare Leonard's Feelings
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    In Season 6, episode 2, "The Decoupling Fluctuation," Amy spills it to Sheldon that Penny plans to break up with Leonard. Sheldon goes through the whole episode hilariously trying to cover this up since he's unable to keep a secret.

    However, he eventually approaches Penny and, in an uncharacteristic bit of modesty, genuinely requests of Penny to not hurt his best friend, which makes Penny realize that Sheldon's main problem is his reluctance to see Leonard heartbroken. 

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    Amy Breaks Up With Sheldon Not Knowing He Wants To Propose

    In the Season 8 finale, Amy has serious doubts over her relationship with Sheldon after putting up with years of neglect from him. To this end, she breaks up with him when she feels he's not going to commit to her.

    Sadly for Sheldon, he had planned on proposing to her before Amy broke up with him, and he then ponders over what to do with the ring he had gotten for her.

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    The Friends Read The Letter From Howard's Father, Who Abandoned Him

    The Friends Read The Letter From Howard's Father, Who Abandoned Him
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    In Season 6, episode 19, "The Closet Reconfiguration," Howard finds out his father had sent him a letter for his 18th birthday, but he destroys the letter without reading it. However, Sheldon had already read it, and after encouragement from his friends, Howard agrees to know of its contents.

    To shield him from feeling hurt, the friends devise a different letter. They read both letters aloud to Howard so he can choose which one is the most comforting to him.

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    Sheldon Is Comforted By Leonard After Professor Proton's Passing

    Sheldon Is Comforted By Leonard After Professor Proton's Passing
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    In Season 7, episode 22, "The Proton Transmogrification," Leonard informs Sheldon that their childhood hero, Professor Proton, has passed. Sheldon claims he's unaffected and doesn't attend Professor Proton's funeral either.

    After the event, by which point Sheldon has confronted the fact that he's avoiding the grief by being in denial, Leonard visits Sheldon in his room and the latter instantly hugs him as a way of acknowledging his grief over losing his idol and his appreciation of Leonard's care for him.

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    Amy Tells Sheldon He's Broken Their Friends' Hearts

    In the series finale, Sheldon insults his friends yet again after they travel all the way to Sweden for his and Amy's Nobel Prize award ceremony. Due to his lack of respect, his friends decide to leave before the ceremony since Sheldon has no care for their problems.

    Amy then furiously tells Sheldon that he broke their friends' hearts and never appreciates their love and support. She then storms off near tears, as her big day has been ruined, while Sheldon is shattered to realize that, even if he didn't mean to, he's estranged himself from the people who stood by him through thick and thin. 

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