23 Fans Point Out Heartbreaking Things They Noticed In 'Demon Slayer'

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Vote up the most heartbreaking Demon Slayer details that fans noticed.

There's no doubt that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the best shonen anime to date. With its visually stunning animation and action-packed battles, the anime constantly keeps fans on the edges of their seats. The series also has plenty of heart-wrenching moments that will have you questioning why you're crying over a demon you were rooting against two minutes ago.

Here's a list of heartbreaking moments fans noticed throughout the series. Vote up the saddest details and try not to get too choked up!

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    Starving To Death

    Starving To Death
    Photo: Itsfloat / Reddit
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    Don't Leave

    Don't Leave
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    Sibling Bonds

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    His Final Meal

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    Holding It All In

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    He Deserved Better

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