Heartbreaking Small Details Fans Noticed In Pixar Movies

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With Pixar movies, we really get the total package-- humor, love, adventure, and a lot of fun Easter eggs. They also contain a lot of truly heartbreaking moments, some of which are really subtle. Nothing seems to slip by Pixar's biggest fans online, though, and they've collected many of these moments for us to shed a tear over. As anyone who has seen Up knows, the opening sequence is basically one big tearjerker. It's easy to miss, however, that when Carl attends Ellie's funeral he wears a clip-on bow tie because his late wife used to always tie his necktie for him. Some details are just downright depressing. In The Incredibles, Bob has a dead-end job at Insuricare. It's worse than you think, though. In a memo, we can see that the company actually charges its employees for basic amenities like electricity usage. Small visual details also play a key role. In Toy Story 2, if you look closely you can actually see the damage on Wheezy's voice box that gives him his signature wheeze.

Check out this list of heartbreaking details fans spotted in Pixar movies, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!


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    Carl Never Learned How To Tie A Neck Tie In 'Up'

    From Redditor u/E5728:

    In Up, Carl wears a bow tie at the funeral because he never learned to tie a tie without Ellie.

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    Ellie Works On The Scrap Book From Her Death Bed In 'Up'

    From Redditor u/lmc1223:

    In Up, you can see tape and markers on Ellie’s hospital bedside table when she’s gives Carl the adventure book for the last time.

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    The Pink Fades From Carl's House After Ellie's Death In 'Up'

    From Redditor u/bicatlantis7:

    In Up, the color pink was used to represent Ellie. After her funeral, Carl returned to their house and pink slowly fades from the shot.

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    Riley's Outfits Reflect Her Depression In 'Inside Out'

    From Redditor u/TimeX13:

    In Inside Out, Riley is seen wearing rainbow t-shirts with colors for each emotion. After the move, she wears a yellow jacket, symbolizing the other emotions being surpressed as she tries to force joy in her life. Later, Riley wears a black sweater for her complete inability to feel anything.

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    Animator Glenn McQueen Receives Tributes In 'Finding Nemo' And 'Cars'

    From Redditor u/Tokyono:

    Finding Nemo is dedicated to animator Glenn McQueen. He worked on the picture and died in 2002. As an extra tribute, his former colleagues named the character Lightning McQueen after him in Cars.

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    Héctor Is Denied Shoes Until The End Of 'Coco'

    From Redditor u/blackmachine312:

    in Coco, Héctor spends the movie with torn clothes and without shoes. It's only at the end when he is welcomed back to the Rivera family that his clothes are clean and has access to the family's legacy: shoes.

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