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Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Things They Noticed About The Avengers

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The Avengers films have action and emotion in equal measure. It's hard to believe that movies with spandex- and cape-wearing comic book characters could make viewers sob uncontrollably, but that's exactly what those films did. What's more, the heartbreaking moments that we all saw on screen are compounded by subtextual ones that discerning fans noticed and posted online.

Here are 15 of those heartbreaking details that were noticed about the Avengers.

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    Spider-Man And Iron Man Had To Watch Each Other Die

    Photo: u/zeffrcraft / Reddit
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    Captain America And Iron Man Met Similar But Paradoxical Ends

    Photo: @stovenrogers / Twitter / Pinterest
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    Black Widow Was A Good Person Even Though She Didn't Think She Was

    Photo: @nctaliaromanova / Twitter / Instagram
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    Ant-Man Is Such A Good Father

    Photo: johnwatsonismypatronus / Tumblr
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