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Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Things They Noticed About Captain America

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Captain America is more than just a superhero. He's one of the most developed characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most superheroes lead tumultuous lives but Cap (the multiple iterations of Cap) has the emotional intelligence to acknowledge the turmoil and how it affected him.

MCU fans are also emotionally intelligent, which is why they were able to point out heartbreaking details about Cap that other people - and in some cases Cap himself - hadn't recognized. Here are 15 such revelations fans had about Captain America and the people in the suit.

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    Bucky Acknowledging The Weight Of Becoming The First Black Captain America Meant So Much To Sam

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    It Took Steve So Many Years To Seek Therapy Because He Was Tortured By The Notion Of Perfection

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    Steve WAS The Shield

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    The Howling Commandos Mourned Steve And Bucky While Everyone Else Celebrated

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