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Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Things They Noticed In The 'MCU'

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The MCU has been widely praised for changing the landscape of the superhero genre. In addition to delivering action-packed entertainment, the films have also brought genuine characterizations for the protagonists, with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers. Of course, having multifaceted personalities also means there are as many sad moments as there are happy ones, and the characters have faced heart-wrenching situations.

What's interesting to note is that there are details that are far sadder than they seem, and fans can't help but analyze and bring forward revelations that will make you see the MCU in a different and poignant way.

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    The Heroes All Had A Moment Of Comprehension For Their Impending Deaths

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    The Death Of Peter Parker Made Everything All Too Real For Tony Stark

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    Tony Never Got To Tell Peter He Saved The Universe For Him

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    Pepper Potts Tried To Remain Strong In Her Saddest Moment

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