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The Most Legitimately Heartwarming Friendships In Action Movies

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Who doesn't love a great action movie duo? Sure, an action/adventure flick doesn't necessarily need a memorable pairing to work, but having two leads who have undeniable chemistry really helps make a movie stand out as a classic of the genre. Some action movies end up being less about fighting and more about friendship. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Try and imagine Dom Torretto without Brian O'Conner. Think about Murtaugh without Riggs. Can you even envision Mike Lowrey without Marcus Burnett? The answer is no. So, let's bask in some unadulterated friendship, shall we?

  • How'd They Meet? Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and Nick "Goose" Bradshaw met while serving aboard the USS Enterprise (yes, we know) where they co-piloted a F-14A Tomcat. The pair became inseparable during their time together.

    What'd They Go Through? They take on hostile Russian aircraft, get to attend the TOPGUN Naval Fighter Weapons School, and play a seriously sensual game of shirtless volleyball set to a true jam by Kenny Loggins. Eventually, Goose would perish in a tragic accident, causing Maverick to suffer from extreme guilt.

    Best BFF Moment: The iconic scene where the duo team up to sing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" to Kelly McGillis in a bar. It's a pretty cool move... or maybe it isn't? It is kind of hard to tell what was cool in the 1980s.

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? This pair of perfect strangers met and bonded over the hostage situation at Nakatomi Plaza thanks to the retro charms of a CB radio. They wouldn't meet face-to-face until the end of the film.

    What'd They Go Through? A harrowing hostage situation. Thank goodness Al decided to check out things a little more closely on that fateful Christmas Eve, or things could've gone much worse for the Nakatomi Corporation hostages. These two grow pretty close throughout the night as there isn't much they can do for each other besides talk over the radio while John does his best to thwart the villains.

    Best BFF Moment: After the new best buds hug it out at the end of the film, Al uses his handgun for the first time in years to save John from being shot by one of the terrorists. What a bro move!

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? It's unclear how the pair met, though Ben quips about Riley's former sad state of affairs in the first National Treasure flick. "Riley, you're not missing that little windowless cubicle we found you in," he teases. 

    What'd They Go Through? Oh, you know... normal stuff. Like beating out Sean Bean in a quest to find a massive treasure that involves swiping the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure. And finding a lost city of gold under Mount Rushmore in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Just normal best friend stuff!

    Best BFF Moment: The scene where Riley teases Ben as he actually knows a historical fact that Ben doesn't really feel like a best friend moment. If you can't tease your buds, who can you tease?

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? Murtaugh and Riggs have one of the best "meet-cutes" in all of Hollywood history. The tightly strung Murtaugh mistakes Riggs for a crook and tries to apprehend him. Unsurprisingly, the younger Mel Gibson makes quick, easy work of the older Danny Glover, flipping him onto the ground. And a match made in Heaven began for action fans to enjoy for years to come.

    What'd They Go Through? These guys couldn't seem to find mundane police work at all. They took down a heroin-smuggling ring. They took down a rogue cop selling impounded weapons. They rubbed elbows with everyone from Jet Li and Joe Pesci to Chris Rock and Rene Russo. The Lethal Weapon franchise is pretty wild. And it's apparently coming back!

    Best BFF Moment: They have a Christmas turkey together at the end of the first movie. It's adorable!

    Friends 'til the end?