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The Most Legitimately Heartwarming Friendships In Action Movies

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Who doesn't love a great action movie duo? Sure, an action/adventure flick doesn't necessarily need a memorable pairing to work, but having two leads who have undeniable chemistry really helps make a movie stand out as a classic of the genre. Some action movies end up being less about fighting and more about friendship. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Try and imagine Dom Torretto without Brian O'Conner. Think about Murtaugh without Riggs. Can you even envision Mike Lowrey without Marcus Burnett? The answer is no. So, let's bask in some unadulterated friendship, shall we?

  • How'd They Meet? On Nick Angel's first night in the small town of Sandford, he ends up arresting a bunch of minors for underage drinking, as well as a very drunk man for a DUI. Unbeknownst to Nick at the time, this inebriated fool was his soon-to-be best bud, Danny.

    What'd They Go Through? Nick taught Danny how to be a real cop. Danny taught Nick how to enjoy life outside of work. Oh, and they also uncovered a massive conspiracy involving a whole bunch of murders in the seemingly perfect town of Sandford.

    Best BFF Moment: Sitting down to enjoy a double feature of Point Break and Bad Boys II. Introducing a bud to action royalty like that? That's friendship.

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? Carter picks up Lee at the airport when Lee first arrives in the United States. A scene filled with some lightly problematic "comedy" ensues.

    What'd They Go Through? Only three buddy-cop comedies' worth of hijinks. They saved the daughter of a Chinese diplomat. They get involved in a Triad attack on an American embassy. And they traveled to Paris to trail an assassin. Will the often rumored Rush Hour 4 ever get made? It's hard to say.

    Best BFF Moment: Any time they dance together. Friends who dance together, stay together.

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? Stanley met Mason when the FBI put together a plan to stop a hostage situation on Alcatraz Island. Mason was the only person in history to escape Alcatraz, and he agrees to help even though the government essentially locked him up and threw away the key.

    What'd They Go Through? After the plan falls apart and the rest of their team is slain by Ed Harris's group of domestic terrorists, Stanley and Mason manage to save the day despite the odds being heavily against them. An elderly prisoner and a chemical weapons specialist taking down the bad guys? You can sign us up.

    Best BFF Moment: Stanley lying about the demise of Mason at the end of the movie to ensure he gets to live out the rest of his life outside of prison. What a truly nice guy!

    Friends 'til the end?
  • How'd They Meet? Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett met sometime before the first Bad Boys movie when they became partners in the narcotics division of the Miami Police Department. 

    What'd They Go Through? They had to find $100 million worth of heroin in a mere three days in Bad Boys. They had to go up against big-time baddie Johnny Tapia in Bad Boys II. And they teamed up with Advanced Miami Metro Operations to take down a Mexican cartel in Bad Boys for Life. And there were a ton of hijinks through all of it.

    Best BFF Moment: Watching them struggle to impersonate each other in Bad Boys is some pretty solid cinema.

    Friends 'til the end?