14 Heartwarming Stories About Andre The Giant From The People Who Knew Him

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Best known as Andre the Giant, Andre Rene Roussimoff was born in France in 1946. The lovable yet intimidating wrestler and actor was born with acromegaly, an affliction also called gigantism. As a result, Andre the Giant was just that - a giant who stood over 7 feet tall and weighed as much as 500 pounds. 

Nothing about Roussimoff was small, and stories about his life reveal both the pain and the joy he experienced. A lover of food, drink, and a good time, Andre the Giant stories also reveal how truly shy, kind, and generous the gentle giant truly was. As a wrestler and an actor, Andre brought hours of entertainment to the masses, while behind the scenes, his soft yet honest demeanor yielded nothing but respect from the people who knew him best. Heartwarming stories about Andre the Giant only add to his endearing and enduring legacy.