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Heartwarming Examples Of Celebs Reaching Out To Fans On Social Media  

Sheena Vasani
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Let's be real, celebrity/fan interactions on social media usually seem like one-sided affairs. You can't blame the stars; they receive thousands of messages every day, and it would prove incredibly difficult to respond to each comment. So many go unread.

Yet there are a few celebrities who are awesome at Twitter. They manage to reply and be heartfelt, as well. Some A-listers reach out to their fans, going out of their way to show support, share messages of hope, or surprise fans with elaborate gifts. 

Nicki Minaj Paid The Tuition Of Multiple Fans


When one Twitter user asked Nicki Minaj to help pay for their college tuition, nobody could have expected what came next. Not only did the star respond, she decided to reward multiple promising students tuition money.

Ryan Reynolds Helped One Fan Get Revenge On Her Ex


When Gabi Dunn's boyfriend dumped her shortly after prom, she edited Ryan Reynolds's head over her ex's body in revenge. To her surprise, Reynolds loved the images so much he reached out to show his support in the funniest way.

Dan Harmon Responded So Thoughtfully To A Fan Struggling With Depression


A fan struggling with depression asked the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, for advice on dealing with her illness. Harmon's thought-provoking response was so touching, the woman later praised his advice as being "probably better than my therapist could’ve said it."

Michael B. Jordan Offered To Pay For A Girl's Retainer


One teenager was so overwhelmed by actor Michael B. Jordan's shirtless scene as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther that she clenched her teeth too hard and broke her retainer. The story somehow made its way to Tumblr and then Twitter.

Much to the girl's embarrassment, Jordan caught wind of the story. But he was so amused, the actor offered to pay for a replacement.