Heartwarming Gestures That Will Warm Your Cold Heart

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Vote up the most endearing moments that leave your heart in a puddle on the floor.

If you thought recent years have been all about the ridiculous things Ivanka Trump has said or about her father - Daddy Trump - and his most outrageous moments, you're not necessarily wrong. There were also an inordinate amount of inappropriate sexual allegation claims against Hollywood legends that rocked the world. Indeed, 2017 - beginning as far back as the last days of 2016 - were fraught times. Many Americans and world citizens alike were angered and shocked by the state of affairs. It seemed as if the beginning of 2018 couldn't come quickly enough.

Contrary to popular belief, though, many good things happened during 2017. Heartwarming actions took place all around the country. Young teens and old grandmas bonded even though they shared no familial relationship, high school students doted on their teachers, and there were so many good doggos who're also heroes.

If your cold heart needs a little thawing, this list is for you.

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    This Dog Was More Grateful Than Any Kid Ever


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    Strangers Became Unlikely Friends


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    A New Uncle Dressed To Impress


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    Two Boys Bought Their Principal Hip Jeans


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    A 16-Year-Old Was Accepted To Harvard And Everyone Got Excited


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    A Cold Pup Got Warm And Toasty


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