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Legitimately Touching Moments In Otherwise Silly Comedies

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As much as audiences enjoy watching comedies in order to laugh, stupid comedies with heartwarming moments can be even more enjoyable. Laughing is great, but laughing while actually feeling something deeper can be even better. There are many lighthearted movies with dark moments, but some movies take feelings a step further to tug at viewers' heartstrings. While this can involve tragedy, it's often just a touching moment between two characters or a reveal that causes audiences to feel a deeper connection, thus turning a silly comedy into something bigger.

Touching moments in comedies don't even have to play a major role in the film's plot. While they may happen at any point in a movie's runtime, heartwarming scenes often propel the characters forward, whether they're making new discoveries that force them to take action or realizing new information about others that deepens their relationships. Touching moments sometimes appear at the end of a film, sending audiences out of the theater with a smile on their faces. Comedies hold special places in many hearts, regardless of how silly they may be. These particular films, however, added something heartwarming to all the silliness and created some legitimately touching moments.

  • While a large majority of comedies make light of romantic relationships, strange families, or absurd situations, Zombieland creates laughs by transforming millions of people into zombies due to mad cow disease and then testing the surviving characters' ability to cope. Wimpy survivor Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) teams up with aggressive Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), whose only goals are to find Twinkies and avenge the loss of his pup, Buck.

    The film's lighthearted exploration of a zombie apocalypse comes to a screeching halt, however, when during a pleasant evening at Bill Murray's house, Tallahassee tearfully reveals Buck was his young son, not a dog. He shares pictures in his duct-taped wallet, and suddenly the reality of the characters' situation feels hundreds of pounds heavier. Despite the intense feels of the scene, the film snaps back into comedy mode almost immediately as Tallahassee wipes his eyes with money and says, "I haven't cried like that since Titanic."

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  • The Simpsons has always been known for its balance of humor and sentimentality, but in order to expand the famous family's empire to the big screen, The Simpsons Movie had to go bigger. After Homer (Dan Castellaneta) adopts a pig, improperly disposes of its waste, and gets the entire city quarantined for being too toxic, Springfielders force the family to flee the city. Although Marge (Julie Kavner) is angry at Homer, she loves and trusts him enough to follow his lead in taking the family to Alaska to start a new life.

    When she learns Springfield is in danger of being wiped out because of Homer's selfishness, she wants to return to save everyone, but Homer refuses. All the silliness and zany adventure of the film remains lighthearted until this point; even the government trapping citizens within a giant glass dome for being an ecological embarrassment seems more hilarious than horrifying. When Marge takes the kids and leaves Homer, however, the tone grows suddenly more serious. She records a final message for him by taping over their wedding video, showing just how serious she is about her choice to leave. It's a touching reminder of the importance of relationships and family, even in the middle of a silly movie filled with full-frontal skateboarding and Green Day sinking on a barge.

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  • As one of Adam Sandler's most beloved movies, Big Daddy contains the obligatory amount of comedy but also a heartwarming story. Despite holding a law degree, Sonny (Sandler) lives like a slacker and annoys his girlfriend so much that she breaks up with him. When he awakes to find Julian, the alleged young son of his roommate, abandoned in the apartment, everything changes. Since Sonny's roommate is out of town, Sonny begins caring for Julian, thinking it will impress his ex.

    The two bond like father and son, and Sonny grows in the process. Unfortunately, a social worker soon discovers Sonny is not Julian's real father and comes to take him away. Now facing what's probably the most adult situation of his life thus far, Sonny must make the decision to give Julian up; he packs Julian's belongings and struggles to explain why he can't stay with him anymore, finally growing up in the process.

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  • When comedy meets religion, there are bound to be some touching moments, and Bruce Almighty is no exception. After Bruce (Jim Carrey) misses out on a promotion, loses his job, and wrecks his car, he complains to God. God (Morgan Freeman) responds by bestowing Bruce with His powers as a test, to see if he can do a better job. Bruce uses the powers to improve his own life but constantly hears prayers in his head, and sets up an automated computer system to say yes to them all.

    When his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) catches Bruce kissing another woman at a work party, Bruce discovers he can't stop her from breaking up with him since he has no power over free will. Devastated, he doesn't know what to do until he checks his computer system and discovers a bounty of prayers from Grace - all requests about Bruce's health and happiness. Another prayer from Grace arrives and Bruce uses his God powers to travel to her house and watch through the window as Grace prays to help her not love Bruce anymore. Bruce tearfully realizes that not even possessing the power of God can make him happy if he's hurt the woman he loves so badly.

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