15 Parents Reveal Their Most Heartwarming Stories To Prepare You For Parenting

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For every time a kid says or does something dumb, they also say or do something incredibly heartwarming. These heartwarming parenting stories shared by Redditors may remind you why being a parent is so rewarding. They may also make you consider becoming a parent for the first time, so check out this parenting preparation and vote up your favorite stories.

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    Their Toddler Wanted Daddy To Have A Good Day At Work

    From a former Redditor:

    This morning I woke up to my toddler daughter in a panic looking for me (daddy). When I went to her and asked her what was wrong and she said she just wanted to tell me not to have a bad day again and today will be a good day at work. The other day I had a rough day at work and told her about it. It was the sweetest gesture and today I’m wondering how I got so lucky to have the best daughter ever. 

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    Their Children Took Care Of Them After Dental Surgery

    From a former Redditor:

    I have so many, but the one that stands out was actually a couple of nights ago. I just had a tooth extraction on Friday. Saturday night, I was in so much pain. I took some Tylenol PM and lay in bed. My 6-year-old boy brushed my hair and my 4-year-old girl gently rubbed my face. The three of us fell asleep together, and I haven't slept that well in years. It was awesome.

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    Their Son Gave Them A Very Sweet Compliment

    From Redditor u/cuddlesnuggler:

    We were riding in the car with my 2-year-old son. I hear him from the back seat say, "Dada is kind."

    One of the best moments of my life.

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    Their Daughter Just Wanted To Snuggle

    From Redditor u/wicksa:

    Mine is only 3 months [old], but this morning she was [lying] in her bassinet yelling, not really crying, but just yelling out. I was mildly annoyed because I had just fed and changed her about 30 minutes prior and I was hoping to get another hour of sleep. I peeked over the top of the bassinet and she instantly stopped yelling, smiled really big and let out a cute little happy noise. Then I picked her up and she snuggled her head into my chest and kept smiling and looking up at me. She just missed me! It melted my heart a little bit.

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    Their Son Missed Them At Night

    From Redditor u/Aderyna_K:

    I had been gone all day Sunday with a work trip and got home at 7:40 pm and my mom had put my 10-month-old to bed at 7 for me (husband works nights from 6 pm - 6 am). He was still awake and was restless and fussing which is odd for him so I went up to his room to say hi and hold him. My not cuddly child put his head right into my shoulder and stayed there, not pushing up to look around, just snuggled and was totally limp against me. Put him back down after a few minutes and he gave me the sweetest smile I told him I was home and would be here if he needed and it was time to go to sleep. He rolled right over and was out a few minutes later.

    I was teary-eyed all night it was so sweet.

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    Their Daughter Always Tells Them They Are Best Friends

    From Redditor u/latsyrcami:

    My daughter who is almost 4, once in a while will just come up to me and say "I love you! You're my best friend forever!" and it's very sweet and makes me tear up a bit.

    Of course, I also caught her saying it to an ant on the floor a couple weeks ago so I take it with a grain of salt :P