True Stories Of Pet Ownership That Will Give You All The Feels 

Mick Jacobs
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No matter how dark the world gets, heartwarming pet stories always bring a bit of light back into your life. When you think of stories about you pet, you likely have a collection of funny and uplifting memories you will tell anyone who will listen. Cute pet stories, especially ones about your own pet, deserve to be told, because all the good boys and good girls out there deserve the attention. Even other animals keep pets of their own because they too know just how rewarding it is to have a loyal companion.

Stories about pets from the owners at Reddit cover all manner of funny pet situations along with other affecting tales of pet bravery and empathy. You might act like a stone-cold commenter on the Internet, but these adorable pet stories will have you crying into your monitor.

What A Catch

From gou15:

"A story about my blue heeler rescue. Her name is Stitch.

"I am on a sales' call to a neighboring town and my customer is busy when I got there. I was told to come back in half an hour. My customer's location is kind of in the middle of nowhere - no food, no shopping, no nothing. The only thing close by is the animal shelter. So, being foolish, I decide I'LL stroll in there and maybe play with a couple of the dogs while I wait.

"Long story short, I fall in love with this scruffy, unkempt blue heeler mix. I send a picture to my girlfriend and say 'should I bring this dog home?' We have another dog already. She says 'do what you want.' Still being foolish and not knowing that 'do what you want' means 'no f*cking way,' I drive back to the shelter after my sales' call, pay my money, and make the two-and-a-half hour drive home with my new dog. She is about a year old at the time.

"The meet-and-greet with my other dog goes fine. Girlfriend is pissed, but that's secondary. I notice this dog has some unusual behavior for a one-year-old dog. She doesn't play ball - she doesn't even recognize that a ball is a toy. She's not lazy, but she doesn't want to play. She stays close to us all the time. She purposely avoids the kitchen and goes into other rooms when you're eating even as my other dog begs for table scraps (and gets them). She's not anxious or scared, just not playful or fun. She never even wags her tail. And when she meets my dad for the first time, she cowers. Tail down, head down, ears back, super submissive. Undoubtedly this dog has been neglected and abused.

"Time goes by and she's loosened up a bit. She doesn't fetch but she's happy to see us now, wags her tail, and begs like a good ole spoiled dog should. But she's still kind of reserved and just wants cuddles all the time. To this point she doesn't even know how to get into trouble.

"One day (yes, the story starts now) we're at the local dog park. This park has a creek running through it which, after winter, has fish in it. Not good fishing fish, just whitefish or other gross creatures. This drives the dogs nuts since the fish wash up on shore when they die. We all know how much dogs love gross smells - especially rolling in gross smells.

"Stitch disappears into some tall grass one spring day, which is fine as she plays very well with my other dog. My other dog comes back and Stitch doesn't. This is down by the creek area. I keep walking because Stitch always comes back when she gets to far away. Not this time. She doesn't. Finally, and I'm probably 70 yards away by this time, I start calling for her. I see her strutting out of the tall grass.

"And her tail is up. And her ears are forward. And she's holding her head up high. And she's basically prancing. This dog is incredibly happy with herself. I can't see why yet...

"She gets close enough that I can see why she's so happy. This reserved, timid, sometimes fearful, not quite a 'dog' dog has hauled a full fish out of the creek and is carrying it over to me through the park.

"Other dog park patrons are disgusted. I'm almost in tears because this animal who's been abused and neglected for the first year of her life has finally gone and done something she wanted to do, not for anyone's gain but her own. I'm almost in tears because I've never seen her look so proud of herself. It's at this point I consider my dog to have become a dog.

"F*ck I'm tearing up just remembering the look on her face. I walk over to her, sit in the grass and she drops the fish and looks up at me with a big dopey smile on her face, wagging her tail and waiting for her praise. I like to imagine that, going through her little dog mind, was the phrase 'did I do good?' I probably spent five minutes there just petting her and telling her how good she was...

"She was proud, I was proud, and my other dog decided that this fish would make a good snack. I didn't mind."

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She's On A Roll

From ringofstones:

"My SO and I had been trying to teach our dog to make less of a mess in our house, specifically, to not pull toilet paper off the roll. We weren't sure we'd been making any headway until one day we came home to find that while we'd been out, about two feet of toilet paper had been unrolled... and then somehow rolled back up, sloppily. All I can imagine is her playing with it happily, hearing us at the door, thinking, 'OH SH*T,' and trying to fix her mess. It was actually pretty impressive."

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Pits Are Heroes

From seamusokitty:

"I was hanging out on my friend's basketball court with her four-year-old niece and our co-owned four-year-old pitbull. Marley the Pit Bull had grown up with my friend's niece along with a bunch of other little youngsters. We were just hanging out, playing basketball and searching for bugs. Marley loved to help look for bugs.

"I got distracted for a moment, and looked back and saw Marley doing the 'Pit Bull stare' straight at the little girl. If you have not see the Pit Bull stare, it's something like head down, very low, with an intense look. Anyway, I asked Marley what she was doing, and she never stopped staring. I was getting nervous, and made it all the way across the court. Marley broke out in a sprint, speeding past the little girl into the trees.

"I heard a thud and a yelp, and saw a coyote bolt out, and Marley was chasing him down. I was in utter disbelief, but my friend had told me she had done this before, and I was shocked that I was witnessing it. After about five minutes of calling, she came prancing back, incredibly proud of herself, and went to sit next to the little girl. I have never been more proud of her."

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This Will Make You Howl

From bestpartsoflonely:

"Winston has always had pretty bad separation anxiety. When he was about six to eight-months-old, my downstairs neighbor said he had started howling when I was gone. I had never heard him howl.

"One day, I got home from work early and I must've been quieter than usual, because when I walked in the door, he didn't greet me. I heard the howl coming from the bedroom in the back of the apartment. I walked in the room, watched for a minute, then cleared my throat.

"He stopped mid-howl and looked at me with the most 'busted' expression on his face. It was a mixture of guilt, embarrassment, and shock. I could not stop laughing.

"According to the neighbors, he stopped howling after that. Funny pup."

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