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Queer TV Shows That Will Warm Your Heart

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A lot of LGBTQ+ content tends to be tragic or traumatic, but in recent years, more and more positive, heartwarming TV shows have been released to the joy of the queer community. In honor of Pride month, here are some TV shows known for their inclusivity as well their ability to bring a smile to your face.

Here is some escapism from the trials and tribulations that members of the LGBTQ community, from the sweet, wholesome romance of Charlie and Nick in Netflix's Heartstopper to Apple TV+'s delightful Dickinson, a whimsical and unabashedly fun take on Emily Dickinson's life starring Hailee Steinfeld. And if reality TV is your cup of tea, there's Netflix's Queer Eye reboot that's as uplifting as it is funny, or the iconic RuPaul's Drag Race may be more your speed if watching your favorite drag queens compete and dole out hilarious one liners is your idea of a good time!

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