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23 Servers Shared Stories Of Suddenly Heartwarming Moments At Their Jobs, And They're Beautiful

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Being a server is hard. You frequently have to deal with so many demands and so little respect. While some customers can be an embarrassment to the human race, there are a lot of people out there treating servers right. These stories from the subreddit r/TalesFromYourServer warmed our hearts and made us believe in the mankind again.

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    Getting A Helping Hand

    From Redditor u/IEATTURANTULAS

    Little kid did all my side work. So I...

    bought him a scoop of ice cream. He was very polite and a little shy. He saw me cleaning up the kids area which has giant connect four, corn hole and other games. He just started helping me without talking. After cleaning for a bit I went back in to check on my remaining tables and when I went back out the whole kids area was perfect. Like he somehow even knew how to organize everything.

    Without saying anything I rang up an order of chocolate gelato and gave it to him as he was finishing up with a few connect four rings. I just said "Here dude, thanks for the help".

    He still didn't really talk after that. He held the gelato in one hand while he finished picking up a few things. Then a little later I saw him back with his family at an inside table happily eating the desert.

    I could have somehow got the gelato for free but I just paid it out of my pocket because of how happy I was. He literally saved me like 15min of work. His parents were impressed when I said he helped me clean and got a free ice cream out of it. Positive night last night!


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    $2000 Tip

    From Redditor u/BlaisePascal1123

    Setting: Miami Beach, FL. late 2009. Seafood Bar and Grill (like a Key West version of a sports bar).

    I had this 40 something, sweet as pie, creative and smart regular who would come in with his elderly mother every Sunday and ask to be seated with me. We'll call him Jimmy. He was certainly on the spectrum, but a genius in his own right. He was a very talented painter (I'm sure he still is).

    Every Sunday, Jimmy would be sitting at my table greeting me with a honest to goodness smile. Between managing tasks for them and other tables, I'd have incredible conversations with Jimmy about the universe and physics. About mathematics and art. I was very happy to have met such a great customer. I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed the company of a server who, one, didn't find him strange and off putting, and two, who could keep up with his favorite topics of conversation. I had just started studying mathematics in college at about this time, and I'm also on the spectrum (but was undiagnosed at the time). I very much looked forward to seeing them each week.

    After about a year of this he one day excitedly announced that his sister from NY was coming into town and that he's told her all about me and he can't wait to introduce us. He's convinced I'll love her (and I didn't doubt him).

    So, next week comes around and now there are three sitting at my table! I can see this thin, elegant yet earthy woman with GORGEOUS wild curly hair. Jimmy introduces her as Patty.

    She's oozing with charisma, and she definitely had a NY attitude--short, to the point, no bs-- but she was, you could instantly tell, very caring. Also intimidatingly smart... not like the dreamy, colorful, wooey science stuff Jimmy and I liked (getting wide eyed and excited to be able to speculate the implications of the double slit experiment)(though I'm sure she knew all about that stuff too), but like... Savvy.

    Jimmy had been keeping up with my progress in school since around the time I had started. This was between semesters, and he knew that I picked 4 exciting classes for the following semester. More than I had ever put on my plate before. He had asked me about how I felt now that the semester was coming up.

    I was fresh 19, no financial aide, no student loans, living on my own, working two serving jobs to pay rent and tuition. I was poor af. Sure, I picked those classes... But, really I was just hoping against hope that I could come up with the $1200 I needed to pay for them. The deadline was fast approaching and I had, just days before this conversation with Jimmy, Patty and their mom, made the decision to drop one, if not two, of the classes so that I could afford the semester.

    Smiling and embarrassed, I told him that I'd be dropping a couple of the classes. He gave a frown and an 'aww' and I had to scamper off to go do server stuff.

    Between the refills and the food drop offs and the cleanups, we all just continue chit chatting. Patty casually asked how much my 4 class semester was going to run me. I told her, not thinking anything if it. The conversation naturally moved on.

    I run off again to serve other tables and I come back to their table towards the end of the meal. Gabbing continues when Patty extends her hand out to me... with a piece of paper. Instinctually, I grab it and... It's a check...

    for $2000.

    I try and give it back, tears in my eyes, she's not smiling-- but I can tell she's perfectly happy-- and adamantly refuses to take it back. NY no BS in full swing. I can tell she's serious. And I just sloppily thank her and run into the kitchen because all of a sudden my knees are Jell-O. I plop on the floor on my butt and sobb. Other staff are running towards me concerned and I can barely tell them that it's not anything bad, that in fact it's incredible, through the crying. Eventually, I gather myself and I gave her a bit better of a thank you, and said goodbye.

    I paid for and took all four classes. Passed all of them with a perfect A. I bought a graphing calculator and a laptop too. I'm not a mathematician yet, but I'm working on it. And I'm not rich yet, but the moment I can afford to make this kind of impact on someone else, I will.

    Thanks, Patty... <3

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    Working Together To Have A Perfect Meal

    From Redditor u/hashtagdrunk

    I work at a fine dining establishment where kids aren't expected, but obviously welcome. I adored this group I had tonight celebrating their grandmother's 70th birthday. When they made their reso they let us know that they had young children in their party that might be disruptive, and asked to be seated appropriately. No prob! Heck, we'll put you in our private dining room where none of our other guests will notice your 3-8 year-olds being noisy. They checked in with the hostess and had some cocktails in the bar before they sat down in their private room, seemingly pleased.

    Everybody sat, super pleasant, easy to deal with. Friggin great, not everybody with kids in fine dining is so easy.

    They gave us a heads up that their kids were energetic, and that they wanted to be there for a while, so putting them in our normally $75 priced private room was on the house and totally worth it.

    These kids might have been irritating, running around and whatnot, but what was extra awesome about this group is that they told their kids to "time-out" when I entered the room with a tray of drinks or arms full of food. Whenever I entered, the older kids politely expelled "time-out!" and everyone "froze" so I could walk around them without worrying about running into them. When I left the room I called "time-in" and they'd return to running around AF. It was oddly fun, and I appreciate that family to no end; not only for raising kids to acknowledge the people they encounter in their daily lives, but for just being genuinely wonderful.

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    Lending A Helping Hand

    From Redditor u/tamiraisredditing

    My old manager was a real “working for the weekend” type and never went out of their way for us or the customers, no matter what.

    One of the most difficult things about her was we had a homeless guy who’d camp out in our back alley because a lot of heat comes off a vent back there and she’d always make us toss him out because he was visible to customers from the main entrance.

    She’s gone and we have a new manager now. Her first week, one of the employees said “hey that guy’s back” and the new manager said “this guy here often?” and we told her the whole story. She asked what our interactions with him had been like and we told her perfectly pleasant, considering the circumstances.

    She walks out, shakes the guy’s hand, and offers him a dishwashing job on a trial basis.

    She had one of the busboys help him get cleaned up and put him right to work. He knocked it out of the park, made good honest money, and got staff dinner. She told him he was welcome to come back to work any night of the week and if he was consistent she’d see about getting him hired.

    That was two weeks ago, and he started on a permanent basis today!

    He’s been able to move back in with his brother now that he has a job and is saving up all the money he makes here. He’s a month clean and says things are going better now than they have in a long time!