23 Wholesome Twitter Accounts That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day  

Nathan Gibson
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Twitter sometimes gets a bad reputation thanks to the sheer amount of negativity on people's feeds. But you can also find plenty of Twitter accounts with positive content.

The upbeat possibilities range from cute animals to follow to adorable jokes and messages from kids. Wholesome Twitter accounts can make you laugh out loud or just brighten your day with an inspirational message.

If you want an uplifting social media experience, these are the heartwarming Twitter accounts to follow that will almost certainly put a smile on your face.

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We Rate Dogs


This classic wholesome Twitter account rates dog pictures sent by followers. Canine lovers will find it a must-have for a daily stream of adorable doggie photos.

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Cute Emergency


This account is supposed to critique submitted pictures of cute animals. But basically it's just an excuse to post a variety of images and short videos of adorable creatures in various situations.

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Thoughts Of Dog


Have you ever wondered exactly what your dog is thinking? Thoughts of Dog tries to get inside the head of pups and posts the kinds of things they might say.

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I’ve Pet That Dog


This account combines two awesome, heartwarming things: dogs, and petting dogs. A boy named Gideon shares every meeting he has with dogs he comes across, tells their stories, and posts pictures of him petting them.

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